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The Talk About TOWN: Part 1 – TOWN Power

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You’ll see some modifications to Town Star, Gala Power, and the in-game Star Challenges in the coming weeks. These will work together to make Town Star even more entertaining (yes that’s even feasible) and expand its appeal and audience to the masses. Buckle up Townies! – The Town Star Early Access phase is coming to an end, and new features are on the way! The goal for putting these changes in place is April 5th, six months after the Early Access start date according to Gala Games.

**All specifics in this article are subject to change and have not been finalized.**

Gala Power Level Becomes TOWN Power while Playing Town Star

In the upper right corner of your avatar graphic, you’ll see a lightning bolt inside of your Gala Account. While playing Town Star you’ll also notice this same icon but with a star if you’ve played Town Star. This demonstrates your Gala Power, which has been calculated using your total of GALA and TOWN you have in your Inventory’s Treasure Chest by the formula (GALA + (TOWNx2)), and then used to a table. This is all changing with the introduction of TOWN Power.

Town Power Level

Gala plans to have Gala Power (GALA only, not GALA + TOWNX2 as previously) limit the number of active NFTs you can place in your town at once with a somewhat modified table in the future. With this new system, it will be considerably simpler to deploy your NFTs, but you’ll also need Town Power in order to earn the maximum amount of TOWN.

what is Gala Power

Essentially, the amount of TOWN you can earn is controlled by Town Power (the quantity of TOWN in your Inventory). TOWN should be decoupled from Gala Power, as the greater ecosystem will necessitate various games with their own ecosystems, and the activities in one game should not necessarily influence other games inside the ecosystem. This comes into play also with the new Blockchain that will be powering Gala’s Games.

Earn Crypto Playing Video Games

There are a number of factors that prompted this shift, and it will not be the only modification Gala makes in the long term as we work with the community to create a stable and sustainable ecosystem. This is one of the Flagship games of Gala so they’re going to be listening to the community and suggestions and providing more knowledge on how this is all going to work – and they may go back to the drawing board on some items if it’s going to make things right for the little fish while not impacting the whales.

earn huge TOWN playing town star

The Talk of the TOWN Tokenomics

When the ecosystem was initially designed, certain player actions were not anticipated. The goal of building a P2E ecosystem is to leverage gaming’s potential to assist those who need it most. What they’ve discovered is that a tiny number of top-end players dominate the economy and have made it so that new players cannot compete. This is why they held an early access period and are now preparing to push for mass adoption.

Gala used data from the last 2 years of weekly competitions to develop a series of hypotheses, which tested against the data. For example, after looking at the player base, we learned that 98 percent of them were earning less than 1,000 TOWN per day. The top ~300 earners of TOWN, on the other hand, receive approximately 70% of the entire issue. This isn’t always an issue, but it does have the potential to discourage new players from joining. This also creates a flood in the market for TOWN and the appetite for purchasing new NFTs eats up all the little fishes TOWN. As a result, the term “Town Power” is now being used to balance this. The amount of TOWN that may be earned in any given period of time is restricted by the Town Power calculation, while Gala Power restricts the number of NFTs that may be placed.

The basic formula looks like this:

The TOWN Power formula

As the amount of TOWN increases, so does the quantity required to be HODLed, resulting in a pseudo bonding curve for TOWN earnings. The exponent in the above equation is set at 1.6, although this may vary in the final version. In other words, to get TOWN, you’ll need a certain amount of TOWN in your account. This is a very modest requirement at the lowest level, but it rises over time to provide lateral pressure on the entire ecosystem.

Please check out the Town Power Calculator to see what that will look like! Please note that this is only an estimate and will almost certainly change in the near future.

This is just one of a slew of modifications Gala will be making to the P2E economy for Town Star. In the future, consuming use based on Gala Chain will allow for standard free-to-play usage of TOWN.

The AMA Coming Soon on TOWN

Keep reading to learn more about the new Town Power, including how it will be affected by these changes and the plans for the future. Keep in mind that Gala will be doing an AMA soon that will go through these major changes in greater depth. Prepare your best questions since we’ll be making some fantastic improvements to the Town Star you all know and love.

As mentioned earlier, one of the things that Gala is changing in Town Star is the introduction of TOWN Power. This is a new system that will restrict the amount of TOWN that can be earned in a given period of time. The goal of this system is to help ensure that the economy remains fair and accessible for all players.

We want to thank all of our readers, supporters at Gala Games, we know a lot of you used our guides to get up and running before working at Gala – And yes, some of our info is wrong at not entirely up to date, but this is not a job for us – yet! We do this out of passion for the community and players for their continued support. We cannot express enough how much we appreciate your enthusiasm and feedback. Please keep an eye out for our upcoming AMA, which will go into these changes in much greater detail. We hope to see you there!

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