location selection town star - plains

Beginners Guide for Starting on Plain Terrain

Location Selection Plains Starting Over Terrain

Plains are probably the average or moderate start in Town Star. If you’re looking for an exciting start, this is the Biome for you. Although, it’s even easer if you find a spot near a watering source. The majority of this biome is covered in pastures, which means you have passive food for your animals, should you decide if ranching is the route for you.

The plus side to plains biome is that they’re pretty open which means you don’t have to do a lot of clearing of objects other than small shrubs and some trees for expansion in Town Star. Plains are considered an average start because it offers you a variety of options for early and late game money. Late game money in plains comes from being able expand rapidly and also great for Uniforms, Blue Steel, Cakes, and Wine Production.

The biggest downside of plains is that they are not always easy for beginners, in fact, the majority of this biome is covered in pastures and shrubs and other types of terrain which means you might frequently find yourself running out water for crops early on. This although gives you an edge over others when it comes to ranching because you don’t have to pay for food  for animals.

Plains (Average Start) ☆ ☆ ☆

  • Plains have only 2 ponds, and significantly fewer trees, but a field full of pastures which makes great for ranching – see our How to Ranch in Town Star guide.
  • This is advantageous if you’re looking to produce products that would require farm animals or if you decide to go the ranching route.
  • Plains are good for more adventurous players who have an idea of what they want their Town Star settlement to look like in the end-game.