Town Star Challenge Improvements Pillar for 2022

Challenge Improvements – New Town Star 2022 Pillar

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Town Star Season 2 is on its way and brings a number of changes to the game. One of the upcoming 2022 Town Star Pillars are Challenge Improvements. These Challenge Improvements are going to affect both the Daily Challenges and Weekly Challenges (also known at this time as the META by the community).

First we’ll talk about the different Challenges that Town Star currently has. Every day, there is a new Daily Challenge to earn Town Coin. While there is a Daily Challenge, there also is a weekly challenge to collect the most Stars for your Town, and ultimately be the Town Star. This weekly challenge typically has what the community calls a META – or a specific set of crafting items they should be producing to gain the most Stars. While this type of Challenge proved to be great, it also at the same time made the game harder to grasp the basics of the game and what they should be building.

How Challenge Improvements will Make Town Star Dynamic and More FUN

This is where the Challenge Improvements come into play. The META will still exist, but there will be a small break in-between the Daily and Weekly Challenges during which players can take time to build up their Town and learn how they should be playing the game. There also may be a component that dynamically shifts between Daily Achievements and Weekly Challenges so it’s not the same for everyone.

The first part of the Challenge Improvements is: providing “Why” behind each Daily Challenge. This is where we’ll see the first instance of these Challenge Improvements – “Why” will be provided to explain why each Daily Challenge is asking players to complete this action. This allows players to have a stronger understanding of what they should be doing within their Town, instead of being so focused on trying to get the most possible Stars in the shortest amount of time possible. There is an upcoming article that will go into more depth about this but for now, know that Town Star understands it’s okay if not every player wants to constantly go for the maximum amount of Stars.

The second part of the Challenge Improvements is: A Stair-step Challenge that leads up to the Weekly Challenge. This means that with each Daily Challenge completed, you’ll progress through a series of milestones until you reach your final goal for the Weekly Challenge. GG believes this will give all players an equal chance of earning Town Coin, while still allowing some room for miscalculation or mistakes that occur during gameplay.

Example: “Daily Achievement – “Bake a Cake Week”

Each Daily Achievement has an incremental set of goals that tie into the Weekly Challenge.

  • Earn 25,000 Stars Selling Cakes
  • Earn 10,000 Stars Selling Batter
  • Earn 5,000 Stars Selling Butter
Batter By City
City Buy Stars
Atlanta Yes 2,500
Chicago No 0
Auckland Yes 400
Beijing Yes 2,000
Istanbul No 0
Moscow Yes 500
Panama City Yes 800

In this example of the Challenge Improvements in Town Star, the player in the Philippines wants to complete their Batter part of the Daily Achievements by selling to Beijing as opposed to Auckland.

The player would be stair stepping up in Stars to through the Daily Achievements and into the Weekly Challenge.

  • 1,500/25,000
  • 8,750/10,000 <-- Players Goals
  • 5,000/5,000 — Complete

The third part of the Challenge Improvements is: Removing of the Global Star earning system. This will add more of a Dynamic Challenge to the game as Stars are earned specifically to the challenges and achievements.

Town Star – Community Driven and Community Owned

This also at the same time may do away with the Weekly Play-2-Earn Challenge factor of the game and equal out the playing field – or…. Does this set things up for Guilds, Counties, and Regions that then compete? We don’t know yet, but it’s just our thoughts. One final note Learn Town Star would like to make is that these Challenge Improvements are not necessarily going to be applied in Season 2 of Town Star. Instead, they will likely appear somewhere in the future (likely after the release of Season 3). They decided to release it now to let the community know that they are aware of the feedback around these Challenges and that something will be done about them in the near future.

Thank you for reading, Learn Town Star also encourages Town Members to share their own thoughts containing any ideas or suggestions you have regarding these Challenge Improvements! Upcoming to Town Star in 2022 are some dynamic weather conditions by region that can affect gameplay in a significant way, so players have to adjust their strategy accordingly.

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