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Wool you like to know the secret to getting Gas Fast? The Wool Rush to Gas Guide Production in Town Star is here to answer those questions This guide will help you go from starting in Town Star to Wool Production and then to Wool Rushing which will lead to Gas Production in Town Star. The first step is selecting a location that’s going to work good for ranching. Follow these steps of first setting up a Feed Mill, Trough, and Rancher Houses followed by a Storehouse, and then the Sheep Pen.

First things First – Location Selection for Wool Rushing

It’s best to find a Biome that’s near some sort of Water (River or Lake) preferably so you can get passive watering early on in the game. See our location selection guide for some tips and pointers on what’s a good land selection for your end game goal.

Creating economy for Growth in a Wool Rush

The first thing to do is set up a way you can earn extra income. Just selling Wheat isn’t going to cut it. We’re going to build our Wool Production buildings: First we’ll need Feed Mills. Build a Lumberjack house and then start off by building a Feed Mill and Trough. You can search for Feed Mills in the Building under Ranch Buildings and order a few of them to be built around your ranch area (you won’t need all of them right away but it’s good to have extras in case you do run out).

Next we’re going to build Troughs at each pen location so that our sheep can eat from them without having to go back and forth between the feed mills. Build a Trough at each pen you plan to have spaced out evenly.

Once these are built you’ll want to build 1 Rancher House. The Rancher will take the wheat that your Farmer is harvesting, take that to the Feed Mill and process that Wheat into Feed and store it in the Trough. Now the Trough will only hold 5 Feed before it begins to get stored in a Silo. Once you have enough to Feed to load up the Trade Depot – start selling it.

At this point, you’ll want to up your wheat farming and ranching. From here place down a few more Feed Mills and Troughs to build the Feed Supply faster. This will start to slowly deplete your gas supply below 30 but No Woolries, we’ll be making Wool soon enough!

Keep selling Feed until you have enough money to build a Storehouse. This is the next step in Wool Rushing to ensure that you have a place to put the Wool once it’s sheared and collected by a Rancher.

Bring on the Ranching Animals – No Woolries

The last step in setting up the Wool Rush to Gas Guide Production in Town Star you want to build a Sheep Pen. In order to produce Wool, the Sheep require 9 Feed, 1 Wood, and 5 Water. It’s important to build the Sheep pen near a source that will provide 5/5 water to it passively. The Rancher will carry logs to the Sheep Pen as well as collect the Wool and bring it to the Storehouse. The Sheep will graze on any pastures on your plot of land, or prioritize going to the Trough to eat before grazing.

To Wool Rush properly, you need to make sure your Feed supply is always up. This will ensure that your sheep are always getting fed and receiving water from a nearby source. Selling 10 Wool gives you $45,500 which is enough for another Sheep Pen.

Start by getting 2 or 3 pens built and then start building your Sheep Pen as well as a Storehouse for wool storage. After those are done, you can go ahead and build any extra houses/structures you want such as wheat farms, feed mills, troughs, wells, etc. Rinse and Repeat this process for some time.

Once you have 5 or 6 pens, you can go ahead and start planning for Gas Production.

This is just the basic idea behind Wool Rush. If some of your Sheep are needing Feed while some are supplied fully, your Feed Mills and Troughs may not be able to keep up with all the sheep eating. Construct More so your Wool output is your main source of income. Also, some players prefer building a few Ranch Houses before sending out the lumberjack so that you get more income for faster wool production. You can experiment on how it works best for you.

Here’s a picture of my initial build when I first did Wool Rush:

Wool Rush Starting Out

Then upgrade your storage and have a few Storehouses and Silos to keep the flow going. There should be 1 pen per feed mill and 1 trough per feed mill. It’s also smart to have a Silo per every 4 Sheep Pens. You’ll still want 1 or 2 extra Feed Mills after this depending on how fast the sheep eat while waiting for them to get sheared by the Ranchers.

Next come building Ranchers Houses until there is a total of 8 Sheep Pens, 2 Storehouses, 3 Lumberjacks, and 8 Ranchers Houses, 8 Feed Mills, 6 Troughs, 4 Silos.

Now Wool Rush Gas Production

To make Gasoline, you will need the following buildings:

  • Refinery (and the Paved Road req. to build it) – $15,000
  • Wind Turbine (to produce energy) – $2,500
  • Oil Pump (to produce crude oil) – $2,500
  • Water Facility (to produce water drums) – $10,000
  • Industrial Worker (to harvest the crude oil and energy) – $2,500
  • Fuel Storage (to store the crude oil and gasoline; every Town comes with this base building)
  • Warehouse (to store the energy and crude oil) – $10,000

The Town Star Gasoline Production Process

Be very conservative with your Gasoline in the beginning. You will run out much faster than you think. Therefore, it is important to make the most out of every tank of gas – try only to sell higher value items like Flour, Sugar or Salt, Eggs or Wool.

Start off by building (1) Worker House. Next lay down a Water Facility. Once this building is complete, lay down (1) Wind Turbine followed by (1) Oil Pump. Before these two buildings are complete you need to lay down a Warehouse for your energy to be stored. Next build a paved road and lay down your Refinery.

paved road in town star

Your Industrial Worker will fetch Crude Oil from the Oil Pump, and store it in the Fuel Storage. He will also fetch Energy from the Wind Turbine, and store it in the Warehouse.

The Water Facility fetches Water from Wells to make Water Drums, and stores them in the Warehouse.

The refinery makes Petroleum (2 Crude Oil, 2 Energy, 1 Water Drum). You then refine it into Gasoline (1 Petroleum, 2 Water Drums, 6 Energy) using the same building.

refinery in town star

The refinery worker will fetch all of these ingredients himself. It’s also important to note that the farther you place the Warehouse from the Refinery, the longer it will take to fetch the necessary ingredients.

Sugar Rush Town Star Step 6

Remember that most of these buildings will cause Pollution around them, affecting crops and animal farms severely. Place the buildings somewhere out of the way to avoid this.

See our Guide on: How to Build an Economy in Town Star for Gasoline Production

Wool Rush NFT Tips & Tricks

Wool Rush is a wonderful technique to get off to a quick start in TownStar. The goal of this method is to begin feeding Sheep Pens as soon as possible with a Bitrue Wheat Stand, which will provide you with a high-profit item (Wool) to get your farm up and running. It’s even better if you want to establish a town based on Uniforms or Blue Steel.

passive ranching production

Here’s a quick rundown of the NFT Wool Rush:

Step 1. Place your town on a Forest with a river on at least one side.

Step 2. Destroy Farmhouse, Silo, Wheat Fields.

Step 3. Construct the following buildings, you’ll need to sell enough ponds (all of them if you want)

Step 4. Place a Bitrue Wheat Stand near the Feed Mills to fill with wheat and produce Feed automatically.

Step 5. The Feed Mills will now begin filling automatically, and the ranchers will take the Feed to the Troughs for the Sheep to consume. Lumberjacks will cut logs and give you the materials needed to make a Wool item.

Selling 10 Wool gives you $45,500 which is enough for another Sheep Pen. You can construct three pens, as well as mills and ranchers, depending on the availability of the materials. If you’ve done your homework and planned your Town Star settlement correctly, it doesn’t take long to have enough money for gas infrastructure. At this point, you can continue making enough money to switch to a different kind of build (e.g. Cake), or use your Wool production with Fabric Plants to make Wool Yarn for Uniforms.

I hope you enjoyed this guide and good luck! Subscribe for other great Town Star News, Guides, Tips & Tricks.

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