ATV Ranch Building Town Star



ATVs are used as the same function as the Rancher but they work much faster. ATV’s must be placed near a road in order to function.

Build Cost: $75,000
Build Materials: (10) Wood, (10) Lumber, (10) Energy
Destroy Cost: $12,500
Labor Cost: $150
Class: Ranch
Crafts: None
Edge Class: Building
Edge Requirements: Road
Input Pickup: Feed Mill, Silo, Well, Wood Shed, Wind Pump, Lumber Yard, Wheat Storage, Rare Wheat Storage, Epic Wheat Storage, Legendary Wheat Storage
Output Delivery: Trough, Storehouse
Output Pickup: Chicken Coop, Milk Barn, Sheep Pen, Feed Mill
Proximity Distance: 1 tiles
Proximity Emit: Shady
Proximity Immune: False
Unit Type: Rancher ATV