Monday, October 25, 2021

Beginners Guide

What is “Crop Operation”? in Town Star

What is a Crop Operation? A Crop Operation in Gala Town Star is the act of connecting ponds in a smart way in order to make an effective crop/tree farming operation. A well functioning Crop Operation is key to feed your production facilities with raw goods. Everyone has a different setup and placement of their […]

Building Guide

Chardonnay Vines

Chardonnay is the most widely distributed white wine grape in the world! Grapes from these vines can be used to make delicious and valuable wine. Cost: $1,500 Building Materials: 1 Lumber Labor: $10 minute Points: 10 Stores: none Produces:Chardonnay Grapes (360-2880 Seconds) Capacity: none Requirements: Grass Affect by: Buildings, Pollution Pollution: none Shade & Wind […]

Production Guide


Storehouse are used to take crafted items and store them. The Storehouse, holds Tier 2 crafted materials which is used by Bakery, Cakery and Fabric Plant. You need a Storehouse in order to store your crafted goods made from a Windmill or Harvested by Ranchers. Cost: $20,000 Wood: 5 Labor: none Points: 10 Stores: Butter, […]