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Ranching Roping & Wrangling in Town Star

Ranching Guide

Ranching is a great way to make money in Town Star. You can raise chickens, sheep and cows to produce eggs, wool and milk. These items can then be used in crafting other materials.

To get started, you’ll need some land to ranch on. The best plot of land for starting ranching is the plains. Once you have your land selection, you’ll need to first start with chickens that produce eggs.

Where to Start Ranching with Chickens, Sheep or Cows?

The next step is to buy some animals. Chickens are the cheapest, so they are a good place to start. Chicken Coops can be Built from the Ranch Tab.

Cows require more money to get started than chickens do, but they produce milk which can be used to make Butter. Sheep are fairly cheap compared to cows, and produce Wool which is used to make uniforms in the later game. When raising animals, there are four important things that must be done: feeding them, milking them, shearing them, and collecting their harvest.

Feeding your animals is simple enough. You’ll need to place food in their feeder or trough. A Rancher or ATV will accomplish this task automatically. Each type of animal will eat the same kind of feed; so there’s no need to produce different kinds of crops to feed the farm.

Farm animals can be stinky and they may come with a lot of chores, but most Ranchers agree that they’re well worth the trouble. In Town Star, raising livestock is one of the easiest and most fruitful forms of simple production. Farmers tend, water and harvest your fields, while Ranchers maintain your livestock.

Types of Livestock in Town Star

Chickens are the simplest sort of livestock farming available in Town Star. They live in a Chicken Coop and lay eggs. Even a recently built town can easily obtain water and feed for a Chicken Coop, but eggs are worth less when sold than wool or milk. A Chicken Coop will set you back $30,000. For a more detailed guide on chickens, check out the Chicken Blitz Egg Rush Guide.

Sheep in Town Star are the average livestock production unit. To construct a Sheep Pen (which creates wool) will set you back $40,000. Chickens require less water and food than sheep, but not as much as cattle. Because of their foot speed when feeding, sheep are a fast producer because to their eating speed. Check out our Wool Got you Gas Guide for more info.

Cattle are the top-tier livestock. A Milk Barn costs $50,000 to construct, but it will produce milk, which is worth the most of any livestock-produced product when sold. The one cow per Milk Barn takes a long time to walk and requires a significant amount of food and water to make just one unit of milk. Check out our Milking that Farm Guide for more info on how to Milk the Crypto Game!

Requirements for Livestock

  1. Feed – Feed can be found in abundance on pastures, which are common on plains. A Rancher, Feed Mill, and Trough can also be used to make wheat flour at a ratio of 1:1 for feed.
  2. Wood – A single unit of wood is required for every production stage in a livestock structure. This wood may be delivered to the building by either the Rancher from the Wood Shed or directly by the Lumberjack while he’s felling trees.
  3. Water – Ranchers supply water to your animals, but the greatest approach to hydrate them is to put them adjacent to Ponds. Ponds may be used to provide all of the water required by your livestock if positioned correctly.
  4. A Rancher – You must have a Rancher, who is included in the Ranch House structure, to manage all connections with your livestock structures.
  5. A Storehouse – A Storehouse is not required to build a livestock building or even operate one, but if there is no Storehouse in the settlement to store the items, they will be wasted. As a result, you must construct a Storehouse (expensive as they may be) as soon as possible to safeguard your goods until you can sell them.

Working with Ranchers in Town Star

The Rancher is the only person in your settlement who deals with livestock. She has a number of tasks associated with your animals, many of which are related to their care. Here’s what they’ll need to do in order to Ranch.

  1. Operating Feed Mills – The Rancher retrieves grain from your Silo and transports it to the next available Feed Mill. She then takes it to the next available Trough, where it may be fed to animals, after going through the Feed Mill to be converted into feed.
  2. Watering Animals – The Rancher will supply water to your livestock structures. If the buildings in question do not have passive water supplied by surrounding squares, this may quickly become a time-consuming task.
  3. Delivering Wood – The Rancher will collect any wood in your Wood Shed or Lumber Yard and deliver it to your livestock structures if there is any. The best option, however, is to establish a system in which the Lumberjacks transport wood straight to your animals’ shelters since both travel time and storage space are reduced.
  4. Gathering livestock goods – The Rancher is the only one who will go inside the livestock sheds and bring eggs, wool, and milk to the Storehouses.
egg production in Town Star
How to Produce Eggs while Ranching in Town Star

Ranchers must be well-balanced to minimize time and expense. To put it another way, you should keep an eye on your Ranchers’ duties and ensure that you always have the appropriate number of Ranchers available for the job.

Pro Tip: If you have a lot of Ranchers, one way to tell is if they’re bunching up in formation or racing to the same spot and then turning around when another rancher arrives first.

End Game for Livestock Goods

Animals are necessary for the creation of most valuable and point-heavy items in the game, so it’s critical to establish a system that provides abundantly. If you’re using Sheep Pens to produce wool, there’s a good chance you’re producing yarns and uniforms through a Fabric Plant. If you’re making anything involving bread or cakes, you’ll need both eggs and milk. Eggs are required for creating batter and dough, while milk is necessary for producing butter, another important baking ingredient.

On some level, every well-balanced Town Star village includes livestock. They’re not only entertaining to watch as they eat and graze in the fields, but they also contribute to your sustainable farming and ranching ecosystem.

Hopefully, this tutorial has given you a sense of what to anticipate and how to arrange for your animals. Good luck on your journey to Ranching in Town Star!

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