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Gala Games Release Date Expectations Announcement


Fresh off the Galaverse Press – We bring you new new news about the Gala Games Network. New Titles, existing Title Release Dates, and Future Games Announced!

Current Gala Games that we know release dates about:

Town Star – Playable Beta
– Spider Tanks – Aiming for Q1 2022
– Echoes of Empires – Aiming for Q2 2022
– Mirandus – Aiming for Q4 2022

Other Gala Games Titles we don’t know release dates about:

– Fortified – Stoda (From Gamedia, the Spider Tanks team)
– VoxVerse (Will Wright of The Sims is on board)

Newer titles that were announced at Galaverse that we know very little about, including release dates:

– Wizards and Warriors (From Gamedia, the Spider Tanks team)
– Legacy (Peter Molyneux of Fable is on board)
– The Walking Dead: Empires
– Last Expedition (From Certain Affinity, who has worked on Halo and Call of Duty titles)
– Dawn of Fire