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Recently, I’ve been playing Gala Games’ Town Star a lot. It’s not like the other crypto games I’ve tried, which allow you to play 2 earn! If you perform well enough in the weekly competitions, you may also earn Gala coins. The first issue I encountered was the trouble of locating information on different structures and goods. That’s why I created – So you can learn from my mistakes and pick this game up faster than I did.

Not having enough or the right information made planning my first town difficult. This resulted in hilarious disasters like constructing a bakery before I had any cows, and having to pay my baker $50 per minute to idle while I tried to set up milk production in order to enable butter, which is required for all bakery goods.

I figured I’d put down all of what I’ve learnt about the bakery and cakery, as well as what they need to make their final goods, to save you time and aggravation. With this guide, you should have all of the information you need in one spot. Whether you’re making baguettes, cakes, or pumpkin pies, you’ll be able to prepare from the first day of the event with this information.

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Water Requirements for the Cakery & Bakery Crops of Town Star

Okay, if you’ve ever played Town Star for even five minutes, you’re undoubtedly familiar with the game’s basic crops. But to save time, let us begin with them.

Wheat: You begin the game with two wheat fields. Although this may appear to be a simple and uninteresting crop, it is utilized in the bakery and cakery to produce flour. To grow a wheat field, you’ll need 3 water, which takes 20 seconds to yield after under ideal circumstances.

Sugarcane: Sugar is produced via the action of making sugar from sugarcane, a plant that grows best near a passive water source. Each sugarcane field consumes 8 water to develop and may be harvested after 20 seconds if cultivated under ideal conditions.

Pumpkin: Pumpkins are only required for one item in the game, and that’s the pumpkin pie. Pumpkins are not only time-consuming and laborious to grow, but they’re also difficult because each area needs 20 units of water. Because you can’t have all this irrigation passively, you’ll need to count on farmers to manually water your fields. Keep in mind to add wind pumps for this reason. Pumpkins take longer to mature than other crops.

Tree farm: Although it’s not a crop in the same way as the other two, it’s critical to maintain wood production going, not just for construction but also for use in windmills and making baguettes. Each Tree Farm consumes 7 water and takes 20 seconds to develop under optimal conditions.

Brine: Technically not a crop, but brine “grows” on a salt field and is treated as such. When placed near an ocean tile, each salt field requires 3 water and creates the most salt per minute.

Crop / Water Requirement / Optimal Growth Time

Wheat Field

  • Water Requirement: 3 units
  • Optimal Growth Time: 20s

Sugar Cane Field

  • Water Requirement: 8 units
  • Optimal Growth Time: 20s

Pumpkin Patch

  • Water Requirement: 20 units
  • Optimal Growth Time: 60s

Tree Farm

  • Water Requirement: 7 units
  • Optimal Growth Time: 60s


  • Water Requirement: 3 units
  • Optimal Growth Time: 20s


flour production in town star
How to make Flour in Town Star

Town Star Windmilling Facts

windmill in town starThe first few sales from your farm, which will typically be the raw products you gathered, are not worth the gasoline it takes to deliver them. You’ll only get $3000-$4000 a trade so it’s not going to be enough to create an economy. As soon as possible, set up a windmill (far away from your crops so that they may produce more light) and begin processing your crops into more profitable items. This will allow the Windmill to operate a optimal speed in producing materials.

Flour: You can also grind your wheat into flour. Each flour needs 5 wheat and 3 wood to process, for a total of 10 ingredients. You’ll fetch $22,500 for a batch of 10 flour.

Sugar: 6 sugarcane and 3 wood are required for the wind mill, and you will get sugar as a result. Each batch of 10 sugar is worth $31,500.

Salt: Put 6 brine and 3 wood in a Windmill, and you will obtain salt. As an aside this is rather strange, I don’t think this is how salt is made. But that’s how it works in Town Star. Salt sells for $25,500 for a batch of 10.


  • Requirements: 5 wheat, 3 wood
  • Sell Price: $22,500


  • Requirements: 6 sugarcane, 3 wood
  • Sell Price: $31.50


  • Requirements: 6 brine, 3 wood
  • Sell Price: $25,500

Cakery & Bakery Animal Buildings: Chicken Coop and Cow Barn

You’ll also need milk and eggs to make cakes, as well as flour, salt, and sugar. The ‘ranch’ section contains the chicken coop, a milk barn, and a rancher house.

The amount of water needed for milk and egg production is 3 and 1, so make sure your animal lodgings are watered on a regular basis by placing them near hydrated tiles like ponds, rivers, or oceans. Pollution has a detrimental impact on animals, therefore keep them as far away as feasible from any industrial structures. They also require feed, which is prepared from wheat in a 1:1 proportion in a feed mill and stored in a trough. The ranchers will take the wheat from the silos and place it in the feed mill before gathering the feed and delivering it to a trough from which the animals may consume.


  • Requirements: 8 feed, 1 wood, 3 water
  • Price: $40,000
  • Required for: Butter


  • Requirements: 3 feed, 1 wood, 1 water
  • Price: $16,500
  • Required for: Dough, Batter

Butter, Dough, and Baguettes are all made in a Bakery.

You can devote to the end-game structures, such as the bakery and cakery, once you’ve assured consistent sugar, salt, flour, milk, and egg production. Because these are costly to establish and operate, it’s critical that you don’t invest in these too soon. However, the more complicated items (Tier 3, Tier 4 and Tier 5 craft items) will generate a significant amount of money and points. They will also save you on producing gasoline since you won’t have to send out the delivery trucks as often, but when you do make a trade it will count.

To build a Bakery you need the following materials: 5 lumber, 5 wood and 5 energy. It will cost you $200,000 to place one down and $50 per minute in wages to operate one.

town star bakery products

Butter, dough, and baguettes are all made at the Town Star Bakery.

The ingredients for each bakery product are listed in the image above. All of a sudden, the humble wheat, which you may have considered to be too low-cost after the first hour of play, regains its prominence. Each butter needs two units of milk and eight units of feed, so each butter requires 16 units of wheat. When you get to crafting baguettes; each baguette requires 4 units of butter, 10 units of flour and 2 eggs, so that translates in the mathematical formula of 120 wheat (64+50+6). Of course, you must have ten of each item to sell which means you’ll need enough wages to hold out for these higher crafted items. On the other hand 10 baguettes sell for a whopping $913,000! The earning potential is enormous, but to achieve it, you must have a very stable and smooth operation going. The hardest problem I encounter is balancing all of the different components, and if you make too much of one ingredient, it will clog your silos or storehouses, bringing your entire operation to a halt.

Basic ingredients and price for each bakery product


  • Basic Ingredients per 1 Product: 16 wheat, 12 brine, 6 sugarcane, 10 wood
  • Price per 10 Products: $162,500


  • Basic Ingredients per 1 Product: 44 wheat, 12 brine, 6 sugarcane, 26 wood
  • Price per 10 Products: $291,500


  • Basic Ingredients per 1 Product: 120 wheat, 48 brine, 24 sugarcane, 74 wood
  • Price per 10 Products: $913,000

The Town Star Cakery

We’ve covered the Bakery; now we’ll look at another structure: the Cakery.

Building requirements are very similar to the Bakery: 5 lumber, 5 wood and 5 energy. It costs $250,000 to place one down, and $50 per minute in wages to run.

The bakery produces three items: batter, cake, and pumpkin pie, as you can see in the chart below.

cakery products in town star

Necessary Ingredients for batter, cake and pumpkin pie in the cakery

Basic Ingredients per 1 ProductPrice per 10 products


  • Basic Ingredients per 1 Product: 66 wheat, 20 wood, 12 brine
  • Price per 10 Products: $487,000


  • Basic Ingredients per 1 Product: 198 wheat, 60 sugarcane, 90 wood, 36 brine, 3 energy
  • Price per 10 Products: $1,780,500

Pumpkin Pie

  • Basic Ingredients per 1 Product: 10 pumpkin, 60 sugarcane, 15 wheat, 33 wood
  • Price per 10 Products: $479,000

As you can see, making baguettes or cakes is a time-consuming and difficult process. It’s also a juggle to balance crops and ingredients for baguettes or cakes. On the other hand they pay very very well. I believe that this is why Town Star is a more gratifying game than other blockchain games, in which the gameplay appears to be an afterthought and consists of clicking a ‘mine’ button every few minutes, or buying land or properties and just collecting rent.

The pumpkin pie dish appears to be the easiest option, as it is simpler than other bakery items. The problem is that each pumpkin consumes 20 units of water. It’s not easy to expand the pumpkin crop operation.If you want to pursue this path, be sure to include wind pumps for irrigation, which will have to be done frequently by the farmers.

Of course, there are many other ways to make money in the game. You may also try your hand at wine production or mining, but that is not within the scope of this guide. Follow our other guides for more information about Town Star by Gala Games.

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