Town Star Guilds List – 12/18/21


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There are many reasons to join a Guild in Town Star. Some of the benefits include being able to work on projects together, having fun and making new friends. Guilds are also all about community, creativity and collaboration. You’ll be able to take part in weekly projects like how to guides or game days. You’ll also be able to use the forums to chat with members of different guilds. Joining a Guild is a great way to meet new people and make new friends! This list is not in any order, but a list of active Guilds in Town Star.


If you’re looking for a team, BTB is looking for good players! Feel free to come talk with us on our public channel! You’re new to the game? We have a recruit program, and a Scholarship program, just type !help in our discord channels!


NTM is a growing team with lots of folks in the top 50-top 20, top 10 and top 3 Our first goal is helping new members improve their builds so they can get into the top 100 on their own. We also offer scholarships for engage members to give them the chance to play with NFT’s and earn some decent Gala & Towncoin. We also have multiple channels and members dedicated to help all new recruits to improve their knowledge, layout and rank Join us and let’s have Fun . Visit our discord server to become a recruit!


Omega Warez Team is a small team with active players in the top 50-top 20, top 10. OWT is an invite only Guild that boasts to dominate Gala Games and the NFT space through trend setting the META and thinking outside the box for game play. Private Discord server through invite only.

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