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How to Build an Economy in Town Star for Gasoline Production

How to Make Gasoline

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So you’ve played a little but but now are wondering how you get more Gas? First, you need to be able to sustain the minutely rate of the workers and have enough supply to be able to start refining gas. What you want to know now is how to get going and not run out of money!

Town Star Starter Items (All Terrains)

  • Cash: $25,000
  • Lumber: 1
  • Wood: 10
  • Gas: 40
  • Wheat: 10

When we first start, everyone has the same Town with a Farm House and Farmer who wanders around collecting wheat and using the Well to water the wheat, if required. Depending upon the Terrain you start out at, you may also get a few ponds or lakes dotted around. These Ponds can be useful for growing crops because anything planted next to or near by can automatically get passive water from them. You will notice the grass is greener around ponds and marsh land. The greener the land the more chance of crops getting some water automatically or better known as passive watering. This can save farmers time and less Wells are required. Wells are also best placed on greener land, because they fill faster.

Pro Tip: You will need to keep an eye on your wage bill and how much money you have left. if you can’t afford to pay your workers, they will go on strike! That means game over unless you can generate funds by destroying ponds, oil wells, or buildings!

You will see that you start with (40) Gasoline stored in the Fuel Storage and next to this is your Trade Depot. If you click the Trade Depot, you will be able to sell things. Right away you can sell Wheat (in stacks of 10) for $3000. This is not a bad start but you’ll need more income than just Wheat Stacks in order to begin Gasoline Production and a sustainable economy.

You’ll want to begin your first step by building a Lumberjack House and a Wood Shed. These need to be placed next to a road. This will cost you $7,500 in cash and no materials.

Currently, One of the best strategies to get a decent amount of money is to get Windmills. Before we begin building our Windmill, it’s wise to have a place to put our crafted goods so they don’t go to waste. Begin by building a Storehouse for $10,000. You can sell a few wheat stacks of (10) using your Trade Depot to bring in a few extra cash, but don’t go crazy, you’ll need this Gas later to make it to the halfway point. In order to get a Windmill, you’ll need $15,000 and (3) Wood. Be sure to place your Windmill away from other buildings to maximize your craft time. It’s recommended to start crafting Flour immediately once you place down your Windmill. It will take (5) Wheat and (3) Wood to make each batch of Flour.

Allow them to sit for a while. If you like, you may add another windmill; however, because of the presence of larger structures around, they become more difficult to keep green. I recommend three oil pumps and a windmill for getting the stores up while you wait for enough money to take the next steps. A good hint for you: shut down your wind turbines when you reach 20 in your warehouse since you’ll need at least a little area when the refinery is operational. I like to construct a second warehouse because I utilize a method that I will demonstrate in a few moments.

I like to keep the road one space away from the edge, except along the river, where I prefer it to be two squares distant. You’ll learn more about them as we go.

I work from left to right after the road is completed. (All of this is under the Industrial menu in the Shop.)

  1. Fuel Storage – (crude oil, petrol, or gasoline) You have one on the road, but it takes too long for the employees to go back and forth. That’s some costly transportation at $60 per minute.
  2. Oil Pump – Every three minutes, on average, a barrel of crude is created.
  3. Worker House – You get a large teamster to transport your industrial goods about. He’s costly since he’s a union member, so try to keep him as busy as possible.
  4. Warehouse – The storage center that stores energy, water barrels, iron, and many other resources. You’ll require a few at first; however, one will be enough to get you started.
  5. Wind Turbine – It produces quick, clean energy that can be stored in the warehouse.
  6. Oil Pump – Might as well have a few on hand to keep the guy occupied and to replenish your supplies.

Starting Gas Production

  1. A good guideline is to plan and construct towards your gas production after you’ve used 20 gasoline (half of your initial 40).
  2. When you’re ready to construct your Refinery, make sure you have enough of the following resources: Energy, Water Drums, and Crude Oil. This will assist you in producing a quick and constant supply of Petroleum and Gas once your Refinery is complete.
  3. Gas is, in and of itself, a net negative that will bankrupt you if you can’t maintain yourself. Before you start producing gas, you’ll need a considerable source of income. Selling fundamental components won’t be enough; instead, you’ll have to aim for any higher-tiered product before beginning to do so.
  4. You may choose to acquire just one refinery and alternate between producing oil and gasoline, or you can have two refineries: one for oil and the other for gasoline, which is potentially more efficient and requires less upkeep but is also significantly more costly to run.

townstar gas production

Potential Upgrades:

  1. Faster Water Drums: Convert Wells to Wind Pumps and turn passive Water Drums into active Water Drums with Water Pumps.
  2. Change Wind Turbines to Power Plants; Use Nuclear Power Plants to feed your Refineries with passive energy.
  3. Increase Gas Production: 2 Refineries are required for this objective. 1 is used for petroleum and the other is used for gas.

Pro Tip: Save all of your money by eliminating the water facility completely, beginning with 25 Gas when you have enough (also some for employee costs), putting up 2 Power Plants on each side and 3 Water Pumps in a row. This will save money on additional personnel expenses as well. To minimize pollution, make sure your refineries and power plants are as far away from your crops as possible while still allowing for growth without having to relocate later in the game. You could run out of gas. Alternatively, you may start by constructing everything except for the building itself; once you’re ready to generate gas, simply click it to finish it and start producing.

When you’ve got enough barrels of oil, it’s time to move on to gasoline manufacturing to ensure you always have a sufficient supply for your trading.

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