Fabric Plant Town Star

Fabric Plant


Fabric Plants are used to take harvested goods and craft them into new items. The Fabric Plant, takes raw materials like Cotton and Wool and turns them into Yarn. The Yarn of two types Wool & Cotton is then used to craft Uniforms. You need a Warehouse in order to store your crafted goods made from a Fabric Plant.

Cost: $250,000
Building Materials: 5 Wood, 5 Lumber, 5 Energy
Labor: $50 minute
Points: 100
Stores: none
Capacity: none
Produces: Cotton Yarn, Wool Yarn, Uniforms
Cotton Yarn: 50-160 seconds
Wool Yarn: 60-480 seconds
Uniforms : 60-480 seconds
Requirements: Paved Road
Affect by: none
Pollution: 2 tiles
Shade & Wind Block: 2 tiles

Fabric Plant Craft Items