Sugar Rush Town Star Step 6

The Sugar Rush to Gasoline Production Guide in Town Star

Beginners Guide How to Make Gasoline

If you’re looking to produce gasoline in Town Star as quickly as possible, Sugar cane is the way to go. Sugar Cane is a fast-growing crop that can be turned into Sugar at the Wind Mill. Sugar is a key ingredient in gasoline, so producing it in bulk is a great way to get your production up and running.

Sugar cane grows even faster when it is watered passively either by a river, pond, or NFT, so growing sugar canes and producing your own gasoline are part of the same process in this guide.

Sugar production is also an excellent side-gig since it requires no additional materials to produce besides water and sun. Sugar Cane can be harvested at a timer of 20-160 seconds.

If you’re looking for an efficient way to produce gasoline in Town Star, Sugar Cane is the crop for you. Sugar cane grows quickly and can be turned into Sugar at the Wind Mill.

How to make Sugar? It all starts with Building a Windmill

Things you need to do a Sugar Rush

  1. Sugar Cane Fields
  2. Wind Mills
  3. Storehouse
  4. Space in your Town Star settlement for Windmills to be Spread out

Yes, Sugar is a vital component in making Gasoline in Town Star. This guide will teach you how to farm Sugar Cane and how to produce it in bulk amounts so that you can mass-produce Sugar at the Wind Mill. This production cycle is going to take some time, but stick with me and you’ll be on your way to becoming a rockstar at Town Star!

Step 1 in the Sugar Rush

First things first, you need to begin producing Sugar Cane. I usually sell the first 10 Wheats they give you and then destroy my Wheat Fields and replant with Sugar Cane Fields. Place these near a passive water source so they take fewer units of water. If you plan things right, you can then grow Sugar Cane without any watering from your farmers and they’ll just be harvesting.

Sugar Rush Town Star Step 1

Step 2 in the Sugar Rush

Next, you need to build a Wind Mill. This will allow you to convert Sugar Cane into Sugar. You’ll have to sell enough Sugar Cane through the Trade Depot for ($4,000) to stack up enough cash to build a Wind Mill. The Wind Mill can be found under the Buildings Tab in the right-hand side of your screen and inside of the Farm Sub Menu. After you have built the Windmill Mill, it’s time to start planning for the Storehouse. It’s important to not start crafting Sugar until you your Storehouse is built.

Sugar Rush Town Star Step 7

Sugar can be turned on to crafting when selecting the Wind Mill and can be found under the Tab of your screen. Sugar, Sugar Cane, Wind Mill – all of these terms might be starting to sound familiar if you’ve done some research on Town Star before getting started.

Now it’s time to get down and dirty with the Sugar Rush (see what I did there?). Sugar can be converted into Sugar at the Wind Mill using Sugar Cane. The Sugar Mill will convert Sugar Cane into Sugar at a rate of 6:1. This means that for every (6) Sugar Cane you put in, you will get 1 Sugar in return. After the Sugar is created, it can be collected from the Wind Mill and stored in your Storehouse for future use.

Sugar Rush Town Star Step 2

Step 3 in the Sugar Rush

Now that you’re up and running producing Sugar, you’ll need to wait for 10 to be produced so you can sell those at the Trade Depot. This is one the biggest Tier 1 item cash-ins for the shortest amount of time when done correctly. Sugar sells for $31,500 – so this allows you to expand your town for time (TFT) very quickly.

Sugar Rush Town Star Step 5

Once you’ve sold your first bundle of Sugar, it’s time to plan to build another Wind Mill so you can start producing more Sugar faster. Plan this on the opposite side of your town and away from your crops so you’re not dealing with Proximity Effects or Shade Block from the Wind Mills.

Sugar Rush Town Star Step 4

Step 4 in the Sugar Rush

Now that you’ve got at least 2, Wind Mills, up and running, it’s time to get a 3rd going. Plan this one close to the first one and not too far away as you’ll start using this area in the future for your Sugar Rush. Once you’ve got about 5 Wind Mills going you should be pulling enough cash in to begin the Gasoline Production.

Sugar Rush Town Star Step 6

This process usually begins right around the 25 or 20 gas mark, this will ensure you never run out of Gas in Town Star and always have a steady income coming in.

Step 5 in the Sugar Rush

Time to make Gasoline in Town Star! To produce gas in Town Star, you need to get your economy going. While this step may seem difficult, it’s not that hard. First things first – you need to plan to sustain your economy to afford the refinery. The refinery is the key component to producing gas in Town Star.

Before you begin manufacturing Gasoline, you’ll need a consistent stream of income. When you reach the 20 Gasoline mark, it’s time to start your Gasoline operation.

gala games gas creation

To make Gasoline, you will need the following buildings:

  • Refinery (and the Paved Road req. to build it) – $15,000
  • Wind Turbine (to produce energy) – $2,500
  • Oil Pump (to produce crude oil) – $2,500
  • Water Facility (to produce water drums) – $10,000
  • Industrial Worker (to harvest the crude oil and energy) – $2,500
  • Fuel Storage (to store the crude oil and gasoline; every Town comes with this base building)
  • Warehouse (to store the energy and crude oil) – $10,000

Total Amount of Money needed to get to a refinery for gas production = $42,500

Building Steps for Gasoline Production

Step 1: Start off by building (1) Worker House.

Step 2: Next lay down a Water Facility. Once this building is complete.

Step 3: lay down (1) Wind Turbine followed by (1) Oil Pump. Before these two buildings are complete you need to lay down a Warehouse for your energy to be stored.

Step 4: Next build a paved road and lay down your Refinery.

Your Industrial Worker will fetch Crude Oil from the Oil Pump, and store it in the Fuel Storage. He will also fetch Energy from the Wind Turbine, and store it in the Warehouse.

The Water Facility fetches Water from Wells to make Water Drums, and stores them in the Warehouse.

The refinery makes Petroleum (2 Crude Oil, 2 Energy, 1 Water Drum). You then refine it into Gasoline (1 Petroleum, 2 Water Drums, 6 Energy) using the same building. The refinery worker will fetch all of these ingredients himself. It’s also important to note that the farther you place the Warehouse from the Refinery, the longer it will take to fetch the necessary ingredients.

townstar gas production
Town Star gas production

Note: At the beginning phases, you will need to toggle between Petroleum Production and then refining the Petroleum into Gasoline with only one Refinery.

Sugar Rush to Gasoline Production in Town Star is a guide that will teach you how to grow sugar cane and craft it into Sugar at the windmill. This is the fastest way for people who are new to Town Star, or those who want an easier start with this game mode. Follow these steps and you’ll be able to make gasoline quickly without having to spend too much time farming crops like cotton or wheat! We’d love your feedback on our blog post about Sugar Rush production in Town Star!

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