The Ultimate Blue Steel Production Guide for Town Star

How to Make Blue Steel

Follow this ultimate guide for Blue Steel Production and you’ll be up running in no time competing for the top 400 spots to earn some extra Town Coin. We’ve outlined everything you need to know about Blue Steel and how to make it, what buildings are needed, and crafted items are required to begin Blue Steel production in Town Star.

First of all, let’s define what Blue Steel actually is.

Blue steel isn’t just a color! The blue color indicates that the product has double the value of steel.

We can craft blue steel through our crafting menu.

Blue steel is typically harder to make than standard Iron, but the aim of this guide is to provide you with a path that will significantly reduce your time and cost in order to produce Blue Steel in Town Star.

Blue Steel Production Guide: Key Elements for Success

You must have the required structure in order to produce Blue Steel. We have a list of all the key buildings that are needed for blue steel production below:

Blue Steel Production SWOT Analysis

Strengths: Highest city points per unit sold.

Weaknesses: High wages. Longer production times.

Opportunities: Relatively fewer elements to balance.

Threats: Location Selection – Mountain > River > Ocean & Forest > Plain > Desert

Blue Steel Production Guide


Blue Steel Production Buildings

To procure Blue Steel the necessary materials you will need:

Town Star Blue Steel Production Guide



Blue Steel Idea Starting Locations

In order to make Blue Steel, these are some must-haves:

  • Mountains – If you’re looking for a close spot to dig around and explore, look no further! This is the ideal place to practice hand-digging while also seeing magnificent views of the countryside. Keep in mind that selecting somewhere without access to a mountain would make it impossible to produce blue steel.
  • River – Lumber is required for the creation of blue steel, and rivers will enhance your wood output considerably. By reforesting a riverbank or two, you may gain a few extra tiles to work with.Keep in mind that bodies of water flood mines, which slows down their production. A river on the other side of the mountain would be ideal.
  • Forests – Extra income gained from selling the ponds in a forest protects novices while they learn the ropes and helps Expert players get over the early game hump of establishing a sustainable city. The numerous trees in a forest provide a reliable source of wood that greatly complements the need for blue steel constructions.
  • Plains – When you begin with a modest operation, the open fields that the plains provide make it simpler to expand as your first revenue-generating system is in place. The abundance of pastures will also provide your livestock with additional food. If you choose to start with a ranch and expand into uniforms as a source of income, this can be an excellent approach to supplement your herd.

When going for Blue Steel Production, avoid these biome areas:

  • Oceans – Only useful for the production of salt which is not necessary for the production of blue steel.
  • Deserts – The oil seep and the quick crude oil and energy production it provides are rendered obsolete by the power plant’s passive energy. The space you have for fast tree growth is limited by the pollution from the oil seep and the shade provided by a mountain.

Blue Steel Production Setup Goals and Guide


  • Iron, Steel, and Blue Steel all require insane amounts of energy to produce.
  • Creating a circumstance where your industrial facilities are fed with adequate passive energy is recommended. Working only from wind turbines or oil power plant production would be inefficient.
  • By surrounding your Power Plants with as many buildings as require energy, you can maximize their efficiency. Make sure your lumber mills are within striking distance of the powerplants that supply energy to the mines and steelworks.


  • You’ll need to substain your water drums for every mining cycle, thus you can’t have passive water drums for your mines without sacrificing yield. The ponds you will have to place for your water pumps will flood them and slow the timers to a crawling halt. To have green timers on your mines, you will have to set up water facilities to creat the water drums.
  • Water pumps are a must if you want to provide your steel buildings with passive water. Steel needs 5 water drums and making this passive greatly reduces the collection aspect of their production.The water facilities may be placed near the ponds to allow the water pumps to produce water drums without interruption.
  • To avoid filling your storage facilities with water drums, keep them at a safe distance from the water supply. The distance the workers will have to travel to drop off the water drums significantly lengthens the production process of the water facilities.


  • The most adaptable component of a Blue Steel build is the Uniform, since only one uniform is required for each blue steel.
  • Although uniform production time is not a major issue, you may have red timers on your crops or establish the necessary buildings all over the map while still having your workers produce at least one uniform in the time it takes to produce everything else for blue steel.
  • It’s also feasible to earn money by manufacturing Uniforms in a timely and efficient manner, which is good news for blue steel builders who typically struggle with financial difficulties.

Considerations for Blue Steel Town Star Builds


  • The blue steel product line is often more productive and profitable, but it generates more points. Industrial buildings also have higher pay rates for their employees.
  • When you’re ready to start producing steel, you’ll need a secure cushion of cash to allow for the lower manufacturing speeds before you’ll be able to trade.
  • Starting with more lucrative items that aren’t necessarily required for blue steel is a viable early game strategy, as is gradually progressing towards the higher-tier products. The most natural path towards the higher tiers is usually the one that builds up to it, but starting with more lucrative goods not required for blue steel may be a valid early game choice. The choice to relocate can be made before the first city-point is earned, therefore you may simply relocate at any time. You’ll need some study and calculations to figure out when it’s appropriate to switch from earning enough money to generating more city-points.


  • Passive resources are frequently utilized to speed up production, but if you can’t acquire or create the rest of the components fast enough, they may not be necessary.
  • Steel production requires 10 energy, but if you don’t have the capacity to create steel fast enough, surrounding the plant with power plants is a waste of resources. A second lumber mill or lumberjack may speed up production more than a passively supplied steel mill.


  • Even more important than item selection is how you configure your town star. It is possible to start with blue steel, but it’s usually best to actually lead into that final stage instead of jumping right into it. You’ll want to acquire the components required near the end of the factory line at some point during your town star build.
  • Items that are not essential for blue steel but are still high-tier products can help finance the build and should be taken into account when planning your town star.

We hope this ultimate blue steel production guide for Town Star has helped you get your head around the logistics of producing and selling blue steel. If anything is unclear, don’t hesitate to read through our other guides. We’ll be happy to help with any questions or concerns you may have about Blue Steel Production in Town Star.

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