Making Gasoline in Town Star

Beginners Guide How to Make Gasoline

Making Gasoline

The first essential difficulty awaiting any Town Star competition is gasoline production. If your town does not produce enough gasoline before you run out of your initial supply of 40 units, you will have no means to transport your items to the cities, and thus no way to generate money to keep up your business. Many settlements have perished as a result of this, and the first and most important objective of every Town Star builder should be to guarantee gasoline production.

Whale Pro Tip: If you have at least 1 million GALA in your player wallet, you’ll get a gasoline airdrop of five units every 15 minutes!

It’s possible to produce gasoline at any time, but it takes practice and experience to get it right. Even skilled Town Star players have made mistakes and learned through trial and error. There are several ways to generate money that you may utilize to help finance your town’s expansion into the gasoline manufacturing sector, but deciding how to structure your city and strategies is always up to you.gas production guide town star

The Requirements for Crafting Gasoline

  • Refinery: (with Chemical Engineer)
  • Energy: – 6 per unit
  • Water Barrels: – 2 per unit
  • Petroleum: – 1 per unit

The Industrial Refinery must be built next to a Paved Road. The Refinery is relatively inexpensive to construct, but it will cost you $200 per minute for labor. Keep in mind that you’ll need to carefully control the production of crude oil, which is also stored in the Fuel Storage tank. The first step in gathering the items necessary to craft Gasoline starts with Crude Oil. Crude oil must first be refined into petroleum before your petroleum can be refined into gasoline.

To put it another way, to establish a successful gasoline production system, you’ll need more money than you may believe. Everything starts with obtaining that cash, as usual! You’ll need to begin producing higher Tiered Crafting items to make that cash. Check out our Crafting Tiered Guide for more info on this.

The Steps to Gas Production

1. Make a lot of Money Quickly

In the beginning of a Town Star game, money is always short. Starting with $25,000, it appears to be a lot money at first. However, consider this: The Refinery and the Paved Road needed for gasoline production will set you back $25k combined.

If you don’t have a plan to smoothly change into manufacturing fuel when your initial supply is exhausted, your town will fail. As your city expands, so will the cost of running your business (wages). You can’t drop wheat off in the nearest city until your fuel runs out, since you’ll only have raised $120,000 and will be stuck with no more productive production methods.

For more details on how to start earning more money early, check out the Create a Booming Economy in Town Star page.

2. Choose a Location for Industrial Buildings
gas production placement in town star

Picking the ideal location for your Refinery and gasoline production takes some careful planning. The first rule is that you want your industrial buildings safely away from your farms and windmills.

Due to the pollutants and wind block, industrial structures need to be set apart in order for them to survive. Ideally, this region should be at a safe distance from your crop operation areas.

Note: do not build the Refinery until you are ready to start crafting petroleum or staging for gas production.

Here are some factors to consider while selecting a site for your Refinery.

Is there room for growth around the Refinery?

As you grow, your gasoline manufacturing will become increasingly complex. You may end up with one Refinery refining gasoline while another refines petroleum, providing passive energy and passive water to both of them using proximity bonuses. Take caution not to crowd your refinery, since relocating these sorts of structures may be expensive. If you want, you can always grab an NFT for oil, petroleum or gasoline storage.
gas production placement with road in town star

Note in the image above the 2 Warehouses, Water Pump, and Paved Roads in preparation for additional Refineries and Power Plants. (This is called setting the stage for proper passive gasoline production).

Is it safely separated from your fields?

Pollution and wind resistance reduce the efficiency of all squares in the vicinity of industrial structures. To avoid reducing your productivity, keep your Refinery well away from farms, windmills, and wind turbines to avoid injuring it. This is why it’s a good idea to reserve an industrial zone ahead of time. For more information about pollution, check out the Pollution and Proximity Effects Guide.

Is it possible for workers to reach each other more quickly if they’re all in the same area?

Buildings that perform similar tasks and are located in the same region should be grouped. For example, a Chemical Engineer at your Refinery will always need both water and energy from a Warehouse, and refining gasoline requires a significant amount of both resources. You may minimize the workers’ frequent travel time and significantly improve production efficiency by locating your Warehouse(s) near to your Refinery.

3. Build a Warehouse

When it comes to making energy and water drums, storage is required, so you’ll need to first construct a Warehouse before launching your production. Remember to put your Warehouse near the site you’ve chosen for your Refinery. The Warehouse provides the most shade and wind block, so place it as far away from fields and Windmills as possible.

4. Make Some Oil, Energy, and Water for Petroleum

Town Star Gas Production Pathing

It first goes to the Fuel Storage and is then transported by the Chemical Engineer!

Crude Oil – The first and most important element of producing gasoline is straightforward to get. To construct your first Oil Pump, pick a remote location. Then you’ll need to construct a Worker House where one of your workers will transport oil to the Fuel Storage and energy to the Warehouse.

Energy – Wind Turbines are your best choice for generating energy with minimal ongoing expenses early in the game.Consider the distance between a Wind Turbine and other structures when placing it in the countryside. Note: Place your Windmills and Turbines in the opposite direction of mountains to maximize their wind-generating abilities.

Water -To begin, construct a Water Facility and start producing water drums. Your Water drums may be filled passively if they are located near several bodies of water, which saves time for the worker since he or she does not have to make frequent trips to and from the well.Use a pond/Water Pump system to supply passive water to your Refinery for even greater efficiency and elimination of the Water Facility.

refinery production for gas in town star

5. Build a Paved Road and a Refinery

You should now have some oil, energy, and water drums on storage. In the location you’ve chosen, construct your first Paved Road and a Refinery beside it. Then, to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck, change your Refinery settings to begin producing petroleum.

To check that nothing is being overproduced or overstored, measure your oil, energy, and water production. Make minimal adjustments if needed. Tip: If you’ve constructed numerous Warehouses and stored more energy than water, you’ll be prepared for the significant energy cost increase when switching from petroleum to gasoline refining.

NFT Tip: Solar panels are a wonderful approach to provide several, passive energy to your industrial premises in the same way as fountains and water tanks do. For a list of Town Star NFTs, visit the NFT Section.

Only from the Town Star store with TownCoin can solar panels NFTs be purchased.

6. Start Refining Gasoline

Switch your Refinery to gasoline when there is enough petroleum in your Fuel Storage, as well as energy and water in your Warehouse(s). Keep an eye on your gasoline storage, which might be filled with crude oil and cause gasoline to be wasted. Tip: It’s sometimes better to turn off one or more Oil Pumps while creating your first gasoline.


townstar gas production
townstar gas production


That concludes our discussion of gasoline refining in Town Star. You should now have all of the tools and knowledge you need to improve gas in Town Star, allowing you to continue building and getting really productive in your city!

Your challenges are just beginning! If you’re curious about expanding and amplifying your Gasoline production, check out the Passive Gas Production Guide.

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