Town Star Storehouse Update


Farm Storage

Storehouse are used to take crafted items and store them. The Storehouse, holds Tier 2, and Tier 3 crafted materials which is used by Bakery, Cakery, Candy Shop, Chocolate Shop and Fabric Plant. You need a Storehouse in order to store your crafted goods made from a Windmill or Harvested by Ranchers.

Build Cost: $15,000
Build Materials: (5) Wood
Build Time: (45) Seconds
Destroy Cost: $3,750
Labor Cost: None
Class: Farm
Capacity: 20
Edge Class: Building
Edge Requirements: Road
Input Pickup: None
Output Delivery: Storehouse
Proximity Distance: 1 tiles
Proximity Emit: Shady
Proximity Immune: False
Stores: Butter, Dough, Baguette, Batter, Cake, Flour, Sugar, Salt, Eggs, Milk, Wool, Candy Canes, Chocolates

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