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Successful Town Star Gas Guide for Growth

How to Make Gasoline Starting Over

What happens if I run out of gas in Town Star? Do you want to know what it takes to build a sustainable economy and how to produce Gas? Follow these steps to make Gas. It’s a process to make gas in Town Star, that’s why we’ve made this guide to help out. And if you’re feeling generous, please donate GALA or ETH to the addresses below to help keep this blog alive and fresh with content. This is a passion of mine and I like to share with others.

Ok – Now How to Make Gas in Town Star?

A Refinery (to refine the raw harvested materials), an oil pump, an energy source (either windmill, power plant, or nuclear plant), and a water facility are all necessary for Town Star’s gasoline production. See our How to make a Refinery Guide in Town Star.

Additionally, you need a warehouse to store your energy, and a worker house (industrial worker) to fetch the oil & energy and deliver it to the warehouse. The crude oil is refined into petroleum and then petroleum is refined into gasoline.

In this guide we will teach you how to produce Gasoline so you can sub-stain a growing economy throughout the week and hopefully hit the top spots and earn some crypto!

How to Produce Gas in Town Star

Before you start making gasoline, you must have steady revenue. It’s usually best to plan to begin producing Gas once you’ve reached the 20 Gas mark, which is when it’s time to establish your gasoline business. Note: that you will not be able to sustain the cost of wages beyond this point unless you are producing higher tier goods like for example Flour, Sugar, Eggs or Wool.

There are several ways to increase the production rate of your gas. One way is to build an additional refinery that will make Petroleum but that requires wages and produces lower output for starters than completing trades in Town Star itself.

To make at minimum in Gasoline in Town Star, you will need the following structures:

  • Refinery (and the Paved Road req. to build it) – $15,000
  • Wind Turbine (to produce energy) – $2,500
  • Oil Pump (to produce crude oil) – $2,500
  • Water Facility (to produce water drums) – $10,000
  • Industrial Worker (to harvest the crude oil and energy) – $2,500
  • Fuel Storage (to store the crude oil and gasoline; every Town comes with this base building)
  • Warehouse (to store the energy and crude oil) – $10,000

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The Gasoline Production Process at the Town Star

Be extremely cautious with your gasoline at first. You will run out much faster than you anticipate. As a result, it’s critical to make the most of every tank of gas – only sell items like Flour, Sugar, or Salt after the first few trades. Sometimes we prefer to go the Sugar Rush Gas method – check out that Gas Guide for fast results.

Step 1 to Produce Gas once you have saved up $45,000:

Start off by building (1) Worker House. Next lay down a Water Facility. Once this building is complete, lay down (1) Wind Turbine followed by (1) Oil Pump.

Step 2 to Produce Gas

Before these two buildings are complete you need to lay down a Warehouse for your energy to be stored. Next build a paved road and lay down your Refinery.

Your Industrial Worker will fetch Crude Oil from the Oil Pump, and store it in the Fuel Storage. He will also fetch Energy from the Wind Turbine, and store it in the Warehouse.

Step 3 to Produce Gas

The Water Facility fetches Water from Wells to make Water Drums, and stores them in the Warehouse.

Step 4 to Produce Gas – The Gas Toggle Dance

The refinery makes Petroleum (2 Crude Oil, 2 Energy, 1 Water Drum). You then refine it into Gasoline (1 Petroleum, 2 Water Drums, 6 Energy) using the same building. The refinery worker will fetch all of these ingredients himself. It’s also important to note that the farther you place the Warehouse from the Refinery, the longer it will take to fetch the necessary ingredients.

townstar gas production
townstar gas production

Remember that most of these buildings will cause Pollution around them, affecting crops and animal farms severely. Place the buildings somewhere out of the way to avoid this. This is why it’s important to have a Water Facility as far from the other buildings as possible because Water Drums are not affected by Pollution.

If you do not have a Wind Turbine or Oil Pump on your map, don’t worry it will take more time but they still work on gas. I hope this helps you on how to make gas for the Town Star gas guide!

Once you’ve got this set you can build a water pump, possibly you may have to dig a pond, but soon you can build a Power Plant and you’ll have constant or passive power (Check out our other guide on How to Make Passive Power) – and you’ll be rocking and rolling producing gas for free in no time!

Hopefully, you’ve either found out the easy way with our guides or the hard way that in order to produce gas in Town Star, you need to have a reliable income. In this guide, we’ll teach you how to start making money fast so you can produce gas and grow your town. Once you have all of the resources you need, it’s time to start producing gas.

Good luck with how to make gas in the gas guide for Town Star.

Sometimes we prefer to go the Sugar Rush Gas method – check out that Gas Guide for fast results. Sugar Rush to Gasoline Production in Town Star is a guide that will teach you how to grow sugar cane and craft it into Sugar at the windmill. This is the fastest way for people who are new to Town Star, or those who want an easier start with this game mode. Follow these steps and you’ll be able to make gasoline quickly without having to spend too much time farming crops like cotton or wheat! We’d love your feedback on our blog post about Sugar Rush production in Town Star!

Happy gaming – and see you at the top of the leader boards!

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