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The Fastest Gas Production Tutorial in Town Star

Beginners Guide How to Make Gasoline

If you’re looking to produce gas in Town Star, then look no further than this unofficial how-to guide. This how-to will help you get up and running in no time, producing gas for your town so that more trades of goods can be made. Follow these simple steps and you’ll be all set.

First Steps to Producing Gas in Town Star

In order to produce gas in Town Star, you need to get your economy going. While this step may seem difficult, it’s not that hard. First things first – you need to plan to sustain your economy in order to afford the refinery. The refinery is the key component to producing gas in Town Star.

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Before you begin manufacturing Gasoline, you’ll need a consistent stream of income. When you reach the 20 Gasoline mark, it’s time to start your Gasoline operation. Note that after this point: Unless you’re producing higher-level goods like as Flour, Sugar, Eggs, or Wool, you won’t be able to sustain your wages to refine Gasoline.

To make Gasoline, you will need the following buildings:

  • Refinery (and the Paved Road req. to build it) – $15,000
  • Wind Turbine (to produce energy) – $2,500
  • Oil Pump (to produce crude oil) – $2,500
  • Water Facility (to produce water drums) – $10,000
  • Industrial Worker (to harvest the crude oil and energy) – $2,500
  • Fuel Storage (to store the crude oil and gasoline; every Town comes with this base building)
  • Warehouse (to store the energy and crude oil) – $10,000

Total Amount of Money needed to get to a refinery for gas production = $42,500

The Gasoline Production Process of the Town Star

In the beginning, be extremely cautious with your gasoline. You will run out far sooner than you believe. As a result, it’s critical to make the most of every tank of gas – only sell things that have a higher value, such as Flour, Sugar or Salt, and Eggs or Wool.

Building Steps for Gasoline Production

Step 1: Start off by building (1) Worker House.

Step 2: Next lay down a Water Facility. Once this building is complete.

Step 3: lay down (1) Wind Turbine followed by (1) Oil Pump. Before these two buildings are complete you need to lay down a Warehouse for your energy to be stored.

Step 4: Next build a paved road and lay down your Refinery.

Your Industrial Worker will fetch Crude Oil from the Oil Pump, and store it in the Fuel Storage. He will also fetch Energy from the Wind Turbine, and store it in the Warehouse.

The Water Facility fetches Water from Wells to make Water Drums, and stores them in the Warehouse.

The refinery makes Petroleum (2 Crude Oil, 2 Energy, 1 Water Drum). You then refine it into Gasoline (1 Petroleum, 2 Water Drums, 6 Energy) using the same building. The refinery worker will fetch all of these ingredients himself. It’s also important to note that the farther you place the Warehouse from the Refinery, the longer it will take to fetch the necessary ingredients.

Note: At the beginning phases, you will need to toggle between Petroleum Production and then refining the Petroleum into Gasoline with only one Refinery.

Remember that most of these buildings will cause Pollution around them, affecting crops and animal farms severely. Place the buildings somewhere out of the way to avoid this.


Gas Production Pro Tips

  1. A good guideline is to plan and construct towards your gas production after you’ve used 20 gasoline (half of your initial 40).
  2. When you’re ready to construct your Refinery, make sure you have enough of the following resources: Energy, Water Drums, and Crude Oil. This will assist you in producing a quick and constant supply of Petroleum and Gas once your Refinery is complete.
  3. Gas is, in and of itself, a net negative that will bankrupt you if you can’t maintain yourself. Before you start producing gas, you’ll need a considerable source of income. Selling fundamental components won’t be enough; instead, you’ll have to aim for any higher-tiered product before beginning to do so.
  4. You may choose to acquire just one refinery and alternate between producing oil and gasoline, or you can have two refineries: one for oil and the other for gasoline, which is potentially more efficient and requires less upkeep but is also significantly more costly to run.

No matter how you slice it, gas production is a high-risk endeavor with the potential to destroy your town. You need solid income coming in before you can invest in this risky business venture. Those who are just starting out should be wary of how much time and money they put into gas production until their initial investments have paid off or stabilized. If all goes well, then congratulations on being one step closer to dominating Town Star!

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