The Ultimate Wine Production Guide for Town Star

How to Make Wine

In our ultimate wine production guide for Gala Games TownStar, we cover the ideal locations, the necessary items to start wine production, and the fastest way to start producing wine. Although the biome you select is unimportant compared to what surrounds it, it may still help you if you choose carefully.

Difficulty: Hard
Advantages: Strong early game
Location Selection: Mountain > Ocean > River > Desert / Forests > Plains
Challenges: Balancing wood, lumber, and oak wood and storage.


  • Mountains –It is critical to have mines for the production of iron, chromium, and limestone in order to be able to produce wine. It will be difficult to make wine if you choose a location that isn’t near a mountain.
  • Ocean – A salt mine produces silica fastest when it is by the sea, but enough for wine on red timers may be produced if a coast side can be secured.
  • River – contribute greatly to the growth of your grapes and trees by providing passive watering.
  • Forests – the biome type in TownStar that provides the greatest benefits to a wine production in the form of an abundance of ponds and trees.
  • Deserts – Though they don’t currently benefit grape production as initially announced, the early gas development owing to the oil seep helps round out a wine build’s strong start.
  • Plains –If you’re planning on going for a wool rush to finance your construct, then plains is the last choice. You’ll only want to pick a plains tile if you’re going for a wool rush.


To begin crafting wine your town is going to need a number of items to procure the wine. You’ll need the following. buildings: Water Facility, Lumber Mill, Sand Mine, Iron Mine, Glass Factory, and lastly a Winery.

Necessary Items needed to make wine in Townstar
Necessary Items needed to make wine in TownStar
TownStar Wine Production Variety Cheatsheet
TownStar Wine Production Variety Cheatsheet

3. WOOD BALANCING (Wood –> Lumber –> Oak Wood)

  • Lumberjacks and loggers deliver first and foremost wood to the lumber mill, rather than wood sheds or wood yards. A successful wine business will be able to produce enough timber for iron, limestone, and chromium while also having enough of wood on hand for vineyards.
  • You’ll also need to store your Oak barrels in the same storage facilities as wood and lumber, so good storage and spacing management will be required.


  • All three of these sectors require energy, notably the iron mines, lumber mills, and salt mines. All power plants need to be placed in locations that allow them to be passively filled with energy on a regular basis.
  • Water pumps should be placed near to your steel plants. Iron requires 3 water drums, and the passive generation of this functionality greatly lowers their collection process. Water facilities may be located near the ponds to allow these water pumps to continuously produce water drums.
  • Place water drums as far away from the water facilities as possible to prevent clogging your warehouses with water containers. The distance the workers will have to travel to deposit the water drums delays significantly the operation of the water facilities.