Proximity Effects

What are Proximity Effects?

Proximity Effects

Understanding how structures interact and impact one another is critical in designing a successful town.

1. Height

Buildings with a high-rise structure are covered by blockage shade (for windmills and wind turbines) or crop cast shade (on crops).

2. Pollution

Pollution is a problem for certain structures (mainly the Industrial ones). Pollution has a detrimental impact on farm and ranch construction.

3. Natural Proximity Effects

There are many types of natural proximity effects that contribute to why location choice is so essential!

  • Oil Seep – The industrial area surrounding it provides continuous passive crude oil (3/2/1) to industrial structures.
  • Mountain – casts 5 tiles of shade from the direction it’s located.
  • Oceans – are salty. They greatly increase the production of brine and hinder the growth of crops.
  • Rivers – provide passive water (5/4/3/2/1)

5. Fountains

Fountains are earned by referring players to the game. They produce constant water in various quantities. Signup as my referral to help me get your magnificent fountain!