Town Star Play-2-Earn Weekly Placement Reward Chart (Season 1)


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So, you wanna earn town star coins to be the Town Star top player? Want to Earn More Town Coin Playing Town Star? You’ll need to place in the Top 400 players to collect Town Coin. Here’s the current values.

– Q: What is the Gala Power Level?

A: Your amount of earned reflects your Gala Power Level.

– Q: How much Town Coin I can earn?

A: The higher you place, the more Town Coin you can earn. You’ll need to do some math and check the spreadsheet below.

– Q: What’s the spreadsheet for?

A: It’s a guide to help you know how much Town Coin you can earn from placing in the Top Player spots during the Weekly Competition.

⚡Gala Rewards Weekly Competition⚡ Scale (Subject to change)

Top Player: 5,500 ⚡Gala Reward⚡

Second Place: 4,000 ⚡Gala Reward⚡

Third Place: 3,000 ⚡Gala Reward⚡

Players 4-10: 2,000 ⚡Gala Reward⚡

Players 11-20: 1,300 ⚡Gala Reward⚡

Players 21-50: 1,000 ⚡Gala Reward⚡

Players 51-100: 800 ⚡Gala Reward⚡

Players 101-200: 400 ⚡Gala Reward⚡

Players 201-300: 300 ⚡Gala Reward⚡

Players 301-400: 200 ⚡Gala Reward⚡

weekly server competition rewards town star

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  1. […] Town Star is a better version of Farmville because you can earn money by playing it. Play Town Star to earn Gala and Town Coin by playing games on the site. Play 2 Earn rewards will give you Gala for every day you play Town Star while Play Town Star rewards will give you Town Coins for every day you play. Collect more Town Coins with Collect Towns for bonus Gala Levels. Earn extra Town Coin with NFTs and get a payout in one of the daily competitions in Town Star. Play 2 Earn and Play Town Star are both Play to Earn Town Coin. […]

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