Town Star November NFT Rewards

How to Gobble Up the Town Star Rewards in November

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Ready to feast on a new month of Town Star rewards? If you’re a fan of earning rewards, then you’ll love what Town Star has in store for November Event Schedule Town Star. This month, there are two different ways to earn rewards.

To qualify for your Common Peppermint Storage in time for the holidays, play Town Star at least 10 separate days in November, completing 1 trade each day and at least 25 total trades for the month.

To qualify for your Uncommon Peppermint Storage, simply run your Town Star Node 6 hours daily for at least 10 days in November.

New Items Coming to Town Star in November!

Town Star Turkey SkinTurkey Skin
Sneak peek of the Coop with the new Turkey Skin, hitting the store Monday. The chickens were ungrateful, so the Rancher teamed up with the Seamstress to let them know how lucky they are not to be turkeys at Thanksgiving time!

Town Star Chicken Coop Turkey Skin
What’s the best part of the turkey? The Skin of course! Be sure to Gobble this one up when it hits the store soon!

The Big Warehouse
This is the dawn of the time of the Big Warehouse. Marvel at its majesty and take advantage of its extra capacity, starting Monday in the Town Star store.