Reward Notice! 10/05/20


Updates from Michael McCarthy, the Lead Game Developer at Gala Games! This week in #TownStar, there will be rewards for the top 100 players, with over 200,000 in $GALA being distributed! Check it out, and get started right away!

We are giving out 200,000 Gala Coin to the top 100 players!

Edge Requirements!
When you place a building, there are edge requirements. For instance, when you place a silo, you need a dirt road next to it, but there used to be an exploit in the old version. Once you’ve placed a building, you can delete its edge requirement and the building will still work. Not any more!

A benevolent player is giving away some CraneBot parts!

Here’s their rewards scheme:

200th place – hydraulic pump
300th place – travel motor
400th place – sensor cr
500th place – a boom section