GAME UPDATE – 09/28/2020 (BETA V169)

Patch Notes

GAME UPDATE – 09/28/2020

Over 2,000 DAU and growing everyone! Here’s a few updates on the game side for this weeks competition!

Storage Is Full Notification
Players have been asking for it and now it’s here! If your storage building is full, you will see a red exclamation mark above it.

Leaderboard Place Buttons
In the leaderboard, you can now quickly go to the top and re-find your place again.

Disable VFX in Settings
For those on low end devices, there is another toggle in settings to help improve FPS.

Tuning Changes
– Lumber is no longer in the wood shed when the game begins.

Bugs Fixed
– Taps weren’t working sometimes when switching back and forth between tabs.
– Store info tab doesn’t factor in craft time mod
– Icons for crypto stands weren’t displaying properly