GAME UPDATE – 09/21/2020 (BETA v166)

Patch Notes

GAME UPDATE – 09/21/2020 (v165) & (v166)

Huge game last week with almost 3,000 towns! Things are heating up in the world of Town Star.

Simplex Sugar King!
Last week we gave away 3 Bitrue Wheat stands! This week we will reward 3 Simplex Sugarcane stands, but instead of just growing sugarcane lets see who can make the most sugar. BTW – These buildings are quite powerful in Town Star. Imaging putting these buildings next to your Windmills… whoa.

Players have asked for the Z’s above crafting buildings to be put on worker buildings, like the farmer and builder, if they are home and not doing anything. This is in! Play with it and let us know what you think.

Performance Update
Another good push to make the game run faster. The little townies (especially the farmer) was creating a lot of draw calls. We fixed this. Elder towns should really notice difference on lower end systems.

Tuning Changes
– Lumber is no longer stored in the warehouse, just the wood shed and lumber mill

Bugs Fixed
– Can’t tap on dialogue in portrait mode on mobile when there’s many crafts
– CraneBot and FarmBot portraits were low rez
– HUD timer showing “1 hour” when less than 2 hours
– Color coding on legendary and common rarity displaying correctly
– Portrait mode text and graphic spillovers fixed
– Construction site audio playing on load
– Next Game screen should properly transition to actual game
– Crafts scaling strangely depending on who’s carrying it
– Player portraits on world map were clipping through trade vehicles
– Neighbor delivery was still working when labor costs weren’t met
– Input fields on crafts with no inputs weren’t displaying correctly
– Random rotation on some town objects like bushes was broken

NOTICE: We will be pushing a new build (v166). Fixes two bugs:
* Z’s above crafting buildings. Z’s should only appear above a crafting building if they don’t have a craft chosen.
* Leaderboard scrolling – You can scroll up more than 10 now.