Gala Games Founders Node Giveaway

The Biggest Town Star Founder’s Node Item Giveaway Yet!

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Town Star gave away a large number of in-game items to Founder’s Node operators and then had a virtual bonfire the surplus.

We have seen a tremendous response to our game and are so grateful to our community for their support. We want to show our appreciation by giving away even more in-game items. So today, we are announcing the biggest Town Star item giveaway yet!


  • Town Star is booming!
  • With so many unpurchased items, we had a bonfire with them, permanently destroying them.
  • Instead of burning 2.5% of the total supply, we have decided to give it out as rewards to our loyal Founder’s Node operators.

The History of Town Star and Gala’s Flagship Game

Town Star is Gala Games’ first game and the flagship of the beginning of our players-empowering Web3 vision put into action.

The first players of Town Star will always have a soft spot for its early days. As the game progresses and resets, you’ll be able to look back at how vastly different it is – just like web3 as a whole.

Don’t worry, just because we’re feeling a bit nostalgic about Town Star lately doesn’t mean that we’ve become complacent. Gala Games still has big plans for its major game of town and city builders.

The Town Star team is tirelessly working to revamp the game using newer, more innovative technology. This encompasses a variety of changes that you might be able to see taking shape, while others are shared directly with the community through our weekly Friday Discord AMA.

Economic Adjustments aka TOWN Tokenomics

In order to keep up with the times and maintain a stable economy, we are implementing new economic updates to Town Star. These changes will allow us to compete in this ever-changing industry while still remaining sustainable long-term.

We’re announcing one of these economic changes today.

What Changed?

On October 19th, Town Star held a bonfire that was unrivaled in scale.

We have stated that these items were previously minted in surplus, and we will now correct the problem by holding a large virtual bonfire.

Some of the in-game Town Star items were permanently destroyed in this burn. Check out the Ethscan link below for a list of all the Town Star items that were burned. You might have some strange emotions as you look at the list!

The Burn List

But that’s not all…

We didn’t burn all the items. The team set aside a total of 2.5% to be burned, and then we distributed them as a daily reward to the active operators of Founder’s Nodes.

Why Give Away Something for Free?

Our community loves when we offer rewards, especially to those who have adopted our product early on or operate Founder’s Nodes. Early adopters are often rewarded greater than those who arrive later, so it’s in our best interest to offer as many of these early adopter rewards as possible.

We will always try to connect you in a way that is both responsible and sustainable.

Why Founder’s Nodes?

Together, we are creating a decentralized gaming ecosystem that is powered by our Founder’s Node operators. These individuals are at the core of our success, and we appreciate all they do to power this network. Thank you to all of our pioneering Founder’s Node operators!

This recent distribution of rewards is only one of the many ways that Founder’s Node operators can earn benefits for their crucial role in Gala Games Ecosystem.

But Why Not Town Star Nodes?

This update may not be what everyone wanted to hear, especially those who have Town Star Nodes. Keep in mind though that we are working diligently towards our goal.

Town Star Nodes time will come — As stated earlier, Gala Games loves to give back to those who adopt our products early on. If you own a license for and operate a Town Star Node today, that means you’re an early adopter. And since Town Star Nodes are less than year old currently, you’re even earlier than the Founder’s Node operators! Your time–and rewards–will come eventually.

Other plans —Because Town Star Nodes have their own TODOs for workloads, rewards, and utility, it would have been irresponsible to attach an unplanned item distribution to their function. Also, item distributions have already been determined as a way to compensate Founders Node operators who are constantly active.

People would miss out — Since TOWN distribution is paused, Town Star Node operators have less of an incentive to keep their Nodes running. This would result in too few active Town Star Nodes for a fair distribution of rewards.

What’s Happening in Town Star?

A lot has been happening lately in the world of Town Star. We are continuing to work on developing new features and content for the game as well as making some behind-the-scenes changes to ensure that Town Star can compete in this ever-changing industry.

As if the chilly autumn weather wasn’t enough of a sign, Halloween is just around the corner. The Farmer has put on his yearly jack o’lantern helmet and is hard at work on his Haunted Maze — a Halloween decoration that’s gone very wrong.

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