Town Distribution Pause

TOWN Distribution Put on Pause in Town Star!


In case you still hadn’t heard, we have decided to pause all TOWN distributions for Players and Node Owners starting today to focus on updating the Town Star in-game economy as well as adding additional features to the game. There are a couple reasons for this, mainly that we deeply care about the future of Town Star as a game and want to ensure it is here to stay, to support our goal of making Town Star an even better game experience for both our current player base and new players, and to be the #1 blockchain town building simulation game!

While we are in this temporary TOWN distribution pause, we will be evolving the in-game economy, adding more features and fun, as well as upgrading our game engine to support all of this work. We are planning another discord AMA for this week, as soon as we have set a time we will announce that, we will also be sharing frequent updates in discord, and hosting monthly AMAs throughout the process.

We will continue to run both the daily challenges and the competitions, but do expect changes along the way as we try out some new things. (The daily Town Points claimed will not result in any TOWN distribution, and will be erased at the end of each day.)