Town Star Nodes are Coming Soon


The Gala Node Ecosystem is quickly achieving its goal of becoming the world’s largest decentralized network of gamers, but there is still a long way to go. With almost 20,000 Founder’s Nodes up and running, the Gala Node Ecosystem is well on its way to realizing its ambition of becoming the world’s most decentralized gaming community. In addition to a number of intriguing changes and votes, the Node Ecosystem is now in final preparations for the release of our first Game Node licenses.


What are Town Star Node Licenses?

As a Town Star Node License holder, you’ll be able to help Town Star develop at breakneck speed while also gaining perks for yourself.

The Town Star Node Licenses will be available in extremely limited quantities. They will enable gamers in our network to contribute a portion of the Town Star workload, allowing them to earn TOWN points as a result. They are meant to work in tandem with, as well as complement, Founder’s Nodes and will have no effect on them.

Running a Town Star Node License on your computer will mean that you are not only a game player, but also a part of the game. You’ll be able to enjoy even more bonuses and advantages as the game grows and prospers.

The Future of Game Nodes

This should give you an idea of what to expect from Gala Games in the future. We are not simply a firm that creates and distributes a few games and has had a few tremendously successful NFT sales. We are, without a doubt, constructing the world’s largest decentralized gaming platform. Decentralization means giving gamers control of the power, burden, and rewards. This is the foundation of our Node Ecosystem, and Founder Nodes are only the beginning.

Gaming operators are the first to utilize Game Node Licenses, which is our newest leap into the market of game node licenses. Our goal is for each game in our ecosystem to have its own decentralized network. The achievement of this objective is the fulfillment of one of our most important goals as a firm: Powered by Players.

Find out more soon. Town Star Nodes Licenses will be available for purchase in all currency types on Gala Games as soon as possible.

We understand and appreciate that this information may come as a surprise to some, so we’d like to give you more information on the Town Star Node licenses before you react. We’re excited to share the news with you today. We’ll be using this announcement as a platform to collect your most frequently asked questions, and we’ll answer them in a FAQ later this week!

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What’s Next for Gala?

During the week, keep an eye out for new information, including a deep FAQ planned for Wednesday, November 17th, and a Founder’s Node vote for majority approval on Thursday, November 18th. Please post your inquiries in Discord since they will be reviewed to determine which are the most popular community concerns.

Town Star Nodes are coming soon! Town Star nodes are a type of node that will be awarded to the top Town Stars in the Gala ecosystem. Town Stars have been given out since launch, but Town Star Nodes are something new.

Town Star Nodes will be awarded to the Top Town Stars based on their rank within Gala’s ranking system which uses three categories: Activity Level, Contribution Level, and Rank Level. Once you become a Town Star Node holder, you’ll receive rewards every month for as long as you hold your position!