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Navigating Your Town Star Build

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Although Town Star is simple to learn, it’s difficult to master. You can learn some helpful methods and techniques for improving your Town using the guides we’ve provided, but if you’re looking for the fundamental information on where to click and how to construct things, you’ve come to the correct spot.

When you’ve chosen your position in the world and looked down on your new settlement, you can start constructing right away. Here’s what you should know.

Building Structures

There are two primary building icons, both of which can be found in the lower right corner of the screen. You must first choose a tile on which to build before clicking on one. You may do so by clicking in the center of any one square. You’ll be informed which structures (if any) are eligible to be built on that tile after you’ve done that.

The Shop Icontown star shop buildings


The in-game shop is where you’ll discover all of the typical in-game structures that may be purchased with in-game currency only. Everyone who plays has access to the same facilities, and which buildings can be played is determined by the tile you’ve chosen outside of the menu.

All Buildings will be shown in 5 different categories and ones that you cannot currently place will be grayed out in the shop. Click on the building you wish to build. All buildings will always be categorized into the five categories (types of structures) shown below.

Farm – Fields and all farm-related buildings are found inside the farm menu.

town star farm buildings


Ranch – All ranch (animal) related buildings are found inside the ranch menu.

town star ranch buildings


Terrain – This is your hub for changing the terrace of your land.

town star terrain buildings


Industrial – All the industrial-related production buildings are found inside the industrial menu.

town star industrial buildings


Trade – These structures will help you sell your goods for cash.

town star trade buildings


How to Build in Town Star

To construct on a tile, simply click the button with the unit’s price to select it. The money will be immediately subtracted and the structure will begin to be constructed in your game. Keep in mind that building takes time, energy from a Builder, and various storage units’ resources.

town star how to build


The NFT Icon

town star NFT buildings


The NFT menu displays all of your Town Star items, which you’ve acquired. These things may be placed or utilized in the game in the same way as normal in-game items, but there are a few important distinctions.

town star NFT buildings


They are Free to play – Because you already own these things as NFTs, they do not need to be purchased with in-game money.

They are placed instantly – When you put NFT items in your Town, you get a sense of accomplishment. There are no construction expenses and no time or material restrictions associated with them.

They are scarce – NFT items, unlike standard in-game assets that may be possessed by all players, are limited by a blockchain supply. To learn more about blockchain ownership and gaming to earn.

NFTs are available in the TOWN STAR STORE – check them out today!

Removing Structures / Rebuilding

Removing units is straightforward, regardless of the sort of unit being deleted. Simply click on the tile with the unit you wish to remove, then pick “Remove” by clicking on the bomb symbol below and cash out your stake.

how to remove a structure in town star


When destroyed, most standard in-game units yield money. The green cash value should indicate this. Obstacles such as Trees, Shrubs, Marshes, and Rocks may be found on certain tiles, which cost real money to remove; in this case the revenue comes in red to remove them.

What to Build First in Town Star?

The right structures in the correct order is key to are successful town in Town Star. You’ll want to focus on building your Farms and Ranches first so that you can start generating resources, then move on to Industrial buildings and finally Trade buildings.

In terms of what order to build the different types of Farm and Ranch, it doesn’t really matter as long as you have at least one of each. However, we recommend building the following in this order:

1) Wheat Farm

2) Windmill

3) Chicken Coop

4) Bakery

5) Cakery

After that, you can build any Industrial buildings you wish, but we recommend starting with the Lumber Mill and Mine then working into the Steel Mill.

Building needs for each structure are detailed within the shop beneath each Storage Buildings. The first buildings you’ll want to erect in your town are the Storage Buildings. They’re necessary to store all of the resources your citizens will be producing, and each structure has its own maximum capacity. The further along you get in the game, the more complex your structures will become and the more storage space you’ll need.

The entire process of creating and removing structures in Town Star has now been covered! Now go out there and create something fantastic!

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If you are looking for a game that is easy to learn but difficult to master, Town Star may be a perfect choice. This guide provides you with some helpful tactics and strategies designed to help boost your build in this fun world of crypto!

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