What is “Crop Operation”? in Town Star

Beginners Guide

What is a Crop Operation? A Crop Operation in Gala Town Star is the act of connecting ponds in a smart way in order to make an effective crop/tree farming operation. A well functioning Crop Operation is key to feed your production facilities with raw goods.

Everyone has a different setup and placement of their ponds to make this happen. There is no “right” setup, you’ll have to play around and find out what setup works best for your Town Star. It all depends on how you have placed the rest of your production facilities. We’ll give you a few examples that can give you inspiration.

Thank you, LatinLouie for the contribution of your tree farm operation!

Here is another example, however two of the tree farms are not fully covered.

Here’s another example of a good starting Crop Operation utilizing the marshes for passive watering before connecting the two ponds.

Thank you SilencerVii for the contribution on Crop Operation.

Ponds are extremely useful and a must for a proper Crop Operation because anything planted next to or near by can automatically get passive water from them. You will notice the grass is greener around ponds the ponds. The greener the land the more chance of crops getting some water automatically or better known as passive watering. This can save farmers time and 0 wells or wind pumps are required.