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Get Spooked in the Haunted Maze at Town Star this Halloween!


The newest item from Town Star is here, and it’s sure to send shivers down your spine… With its passive abilities, if you build it they will scream.

As the leaves rapidly fall and stack upon one another, dulling the colors of what were once vibrant trees, the people in town begin to prepare for winter. They do so with a excitement though, as pumpkin spice fills the air and reminders them of all that is good about this season. The pumpkins were especially plentiful this year due too all that extra storage going around, leading to a harvest more bountiful than usual.

As some in town are preparing for winter and making pumpkin pies, the more competitive individuals are gearing up for Halloween and the Jack O’Lantern Meta!

In the spooky spirit of Halloween, check out this pumpkin eye candy while you work on your own Jack O’Lantern for next week. This was freshly leaked from this morning’s live Town Star Discord AMA (Youtube replay coming soon).

Here at Gala, we’re all just big kids at heart, and Halloween is one of our favorite times of year. Last year’s Galaween celebrations were a blast, complete with some spooky stories inspired by Town Star and the Haunted Mansion game module. The modular in-game item had the power to produce either passive oil or pumpkins – talk about versatile!

Get ready to be spooked! This year, we’ve got a new modular adornment for your town in Town Star. Step into the shadows of the Haunted Maze­­–if you dare.

Let’s get this straight from the start: This place is haunted. We don’t want to hear any complaints later when this thing starts haunting your dreams and you end up as a character in some kind of horror movie come to life. The Haunted Maze is just as haunted as last year’s Haunted Mansion, and that place was pretty darn haunted.

Just like with any other good haunting, the power of all curses, ghosts, and tormented poultrygeists continues to grow as their territory expands. That’s why there’s an exclusive Double, Double, Toil and Trouble Bonus for those who collect and concurrently play with all 4 Haunted Maze Zones. The first Zone you’ll see in the Town Star store is the Epic Zone 1; it comes with a passive Nectar bonus that affects 3 tiles.

Finding Your Way through the Maze

The Haunted Maze is made up of 4 distinctively horrifying areas, with each subsequent area more spine-tingling than the last.

Haunted Maze — Zone 1 — Epic

3 Passive Nectar

First, venture into Zone 1 bravely but with trepidation. You’ll get a taste of all the frights you can expect as you go through the twisted maze. Giant carnivorous plants produce passive nectar for your bees to enjoy, but beware! If you turn your back on one of these monstrosities while standing too close, it will gobble you up head first before you can say “suddenly seymour.”

Haunted Maze — Zone 2 — Rare

2 Passive Clay

If you can manage to keep your terror at bay, advance to Zone 2. There, the living dead are actually quite helpful because they loosen up the clay-filled soil where their corpses used to lay. Even the clay is hexed though, so it expands into neighboring areas–but don’t let that stop you from using it like regular old clay.

Haunted Maze — Zone 3 — Legendary

Salty Proximity (for Salt Field timers — 2 radius)

As you enter Zone 3, your heart races as you wonder what awaits you. This is the Legendary zone where an unattended witches’ brew has taken on a mind of its own. The ground is bizarrely salty and it’s said that the witches will one day return to claim their potions. There’s also a legend that says they’ll turn all the townsfolk into badgers, so hopefully the brew stays unattended.

Haunted Maze — Zone 4 —Uncommon

1 Passive Nectar

Note: Above image incorrectly says “Rare.” We know and will change it soon.

The final, and most daunting task remaining is Zone 4. Here you will find the great hollow tree; a feat in creepiness if you have ever seen it in Town Star. It is said that within this tree lies the same sinister force that provides life to the carnivorous plants of Zone 1. This zone also offers some passive nectar for your town’s bees to enjoy.

Double, Double, Toil and Trouble

By owning and using all four of the separate zones in the Haunted Maze, you can double the eerie passive bonuses for surrounding areas. You don’t even have to place them next to each other. The mere sight of these 4 Zones at once is enough to startle all your cows and sheep* into moving 25% faster.

*In an ironic twist, your chickens are especially brave and will not be scared into moving faster.

The Halloween season is creeping up on us, and what better way to get into the spirit than by playing some Town Star? Stay tuned for more spooky updates!

Special Halloween Fun

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