Windmill Town Star


Building Guide Farm

Windmills are used to take crops stored in your Silo, which is used to craft Flour, Sugar and Salt. You need a Storehouse in order to store your crafted goods made from a Windmill.

Build Cost: $7,500
Build Materials: (5) Wood
Destroy Cost: $3,750
Labor Cost: $50
Class: Farm
Crafts: Flour (30/60/120/240 seconds), Sugar (30/60/120/240 seconds), Salt (30/60/120/240 seconds)
Edge Class: Building
Edge Requirements: Road
Input Pickup: Brine Storage, Rare Brine Storage, Epic Brine Storage, Legendary Brine Storage, Wheat Storage, Rare Wheat Storage, Epic Wheat Storage, Legendary Wheat Storage, Sugarcane Storage, Rare Sugarcane Storage, Epic Sugarcane Storage, Legendary Sugarcane Storage, Silo, Wood Shed, Lumber Yard
Output Delivery: Storehouse
Proximity Distance: 3 tiles
Proximity Emit: Shady
Proximity Immune: False
Unit Type: Miller

Farm Windmill Town Star Production