Town Star Rules


Gala’s absolute number one priority is to make sure that all of our players are having fun and part of that is making sure that the playing field is as fair as possible. They want skilled players that experiment and discover new strategies to be rewarded for their creative thinking and hard work!

Gala want strategy, not exploits to lead our players to a high rank, and the rules that follow are what will create a fair game for everyone, keeping in mind that these rules are subject to change:

Q: “Can I have more than one town?”

A: No. Players should only have 1 town. If you have multiple Gala accounts, that does not entitle you to have multiple towns. We will ban you if we find you are running multiple towns.

Q: “Can I play with my friends or family if they are in the same household?”

A: Yes; in fact we encourage it! It’s fun to play with family and friends.

Q: “Can I use a script to play?”

A: Yes… but… Town Star records every action that’s made. If anything that you or your script does is outside the rules of the game, you will be banned.

– Common sense applies when creating town names, or your town may be taken down. (i.e. using profanity, sexual, or obvious offensive terms as a town name. This includes if your town name is inappropriate in another language!)

Q: Will all TownStar placeable NFTs be able to earn?

A: Yes. See the Town Star NFT Coin Value Chart for more information on how much each NFT is currently earning.