Town Star NFT Collection Guide

The Town Star NFT Collection Guide

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Gala Games may not have been the first company to produce a playable game for The City Builder Fan, but Town Star was the first of its kind. The play-to-earn farm builder allows players to create completely marketable blockchain-backed goods. This collection of items is available exclusively from the Town Star, and it features buildings that players can use and play with in-game. They may be utilized alongside common in-game items, but they come with additional advantages as well as the potential to earn daily TOWN prizes simply by using and playing with them. Continue reading to learn more about the Town Star NFT Collection.

What we are going to learn in this NFT Guides for Town Star?

About The Town Star NFT Collection

The game is called Town Star, and it’s not a bad version of Farmville at all, especially since you can own the items and also earn crypto from playing. The developer is one of Zynga’s co-founders who also created Farmville. Gamers complete activities to earn and win TownCoin play-to-earn rewards nearly every day, as well as the top players on the leaderboard winning significant cash prizes weekly! The aim is to develop, collect, and produce the greatest possible productive and efficient community while managing the AI that completes it’s auto-assigned task.

The NFT stands for “Non-Funguable Token” which is a type of cryptographically-secured digital good. It is a unique asset that may only be traded with one user at a time. Town Star’s NFTs give players the opportunity to essentially buy, sell and trade in-game assets while earning real cryptocurrency rewards for playing daily activities. Gala’s decentralized network, which utilizes the Ethereum blockchain technology, is used by Town Star. Players may purchase and sell NFTs that provide in-game value on secondary markets. Some of the NFTs are marketplace social goods, whereas others are non-fungible tokens. Much like other crypto collectables, Town Star’s blockchain assets can be mapped 1:1 to Ethereum wallets.

Town Star’s Crypto Token

Town Coin is the official launch token for Town Star. The current Town Coin price is $0.720075 USD, with a 24-hour trading volume of $2,583,985 USD. If you’re searching for a place to buy Town Coin, the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges right now are OKEx, Bitrue, Uniswap (V3), and DODO (ERC-20).

Town Star NFTs

The Town Star items are accessible to everyone in the game at any time and in any location. These goods are only available for purchase with in-game money. This money must be earned AND increases your Gala Power Level with the more Town Coin you HODL. This has no true worth beyond the game but increasing Gala Power but can be sold on exchanges. Other items have a finite amount and it can only be owned by one player at a time. The term “non-fungible tokens” is sometimes used interchangeably with the phrase “blockchain items,” as well as NFTs. They’re called blockchain things and NFTs, respectively. Users may utilize them in the game to get extra prizes.

Although you may have purchased NFTs at the Town Star shop, it does not guarantee that you will never see that money again. If you don’t have much time to play Gala Games network games or utilize the official Town Star marketplace on, you can easily cross your collection to one of many other games within the Gala Games network or via the authorized Town Star market.

Collection List of Town Star NFTs

Be sure to check out this always up to date Town Star NFT TownCoin Value post for the latest collection, rarity, and TownCoin earning values.

The NFT Town Star Bots

Since the game’s bots were designed and programmed, the creators and coders of ‘Town Star’ have had a particular liking for them. These helper staff perform more tasks in-game faster than normal employees of the same role, and they do so while looking fantastic. The majority of them are only available on the secondary market now.

  • FarmBot – Extremely uncommon – in-game utility of the FarmBot mines BoxCoin in the world of Town Star! Look for locations to mine on your world map during a play session!
  • Cranebot – This bot takes the place of your Town Star Builder House as well as moves 3 times faster than the normal Builder.
  • Elfbot – Helps in the cultivation and harvesting of a variety of Town Star crops; including sugarcane, wheat, and cotton, peppermint, pumpkins. Sugarcane-related items take priority.
  • Saltybot – The name specializes on the transportation and harvesting of basic farming products, although it has a preference for salt-related goods.
  • Mr. Puddles – Water is being used to cultivate, build, or feed animals in whatever way has to be done, Mr. Puddles is there for you.
  • Buggy Mr. Puddles – Waters crops, raises buildings, and waters animals.

The NFT Town Star Resource Stands

In this case, an NFT Town Star Resource Stand could provide a consistent supply of a certain crop, reducing the need for farmland. If utilized correctly, they may make a significant impact on your Town Star settlement.
Town Star NFT Stands

  • Wheat Stands – Provides passive wheat units in varying amounts to surrounding structures (such as Windmills and Feed Mills) based on the uniqueness of the unit. Standard, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Ancient Stands, are all available.
  • Sugar Stands – Provides passive sugarcane units in various quantities around Windmills depending on the unit’s rarity. Standard, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Ancient are just a few of the options.
  • Cotton Stands – They are incredibly rare. The tiny building in the corner distributes passive cotton components to adjacent structures.

NFT Town Star Extra Storage

A basic Silo’s adaptability may sometimes work against you. The better your in-game performance is, the more influence you have over what goes on in your town, and that is what this gameplay is all about. Pro Players love these NFTs.
NFT Storage Types

  • NFT Wheat Storage – A single specialized building in Town Star has a unique feature: it only holds wheat in proportion to the structure’s rarity. Standard, Rare, Epic, and Legendary storage containers, are clearly identifiable by their size.
  • NFT Brine Storage – A single specialized building in Town Star has a unique feature: it only holds brine in proportion to the structure’s rarity. Standard, Rare, Epic, and Legendary storage containers, are clearly identifiable by their size.
  • NFT Grape Storage – This is a one-of-a-kind silo that only holds grapes in different quantities due to its rarity. Tiers of standard, uncommon, epic, and legendary storage containers, may all be recognized.
  • NFT Sugarcane Storage – This unique silo is only for storing sugarcane, which varies in quantity depending on the structure’s rarity. Storage containers of different rarities can be found in Standard, Rare, Epic, and Legendary varieties.
Town Star NFT Production Boosters

Water is one of the most essential resources in the game, and these structures that supply it are among the most crucial. They give your crops both passive water and Water Facilities in the same way as ponds do, with the benefit of being easily removed and replaced.

  • Alfa Fountain – There are four established rarities for Alfa Fountains: OK, Good, Great, and Majestic. They were initially given as a new user referral bonus. As the Fountain’s rarity rises, passive water is supplied in greater quantities to a larger number of adjacent squares.
  • Water Tower – Water Towers work similarly to Alfa Fountains, but they may be purchased from the Town Star shop (while supplies last). The more massive a Water Tower is, the more passive water it feeds to the tiles around it. They come in four different kinds: common, uncommon, epic, and legendary.
  • Express Depot – When a user upgrades their Gala membership to Gala Gold, they earn this NFT, which provides them with access to Gala features, sneak peeks, and other perks right away. It’s a better Trade Depot in the game that allows supplies to be delivered much more quickly than the basic one.
  • Solar Panel NFT Collection Town Star

  • Solar Panels – Solar Panels, like ponds, fountains, and water towers, are the initial in-game item to provide energy to adjacent squares. Solar panels are a significant part of fast growth because of them being NFTs. These solar panels, because they are NFTs can be removed and replaced where required, are particularly advantageous. Solar panels appear to be the first kind of NFT for which TownCoin is necessary to purchase.
  • Haunted Mansion Full Set

  • Haunted Mansion Pieces – Every 1 of the 6 pieces of the modular Haunted Mansion provides some passive oil to Refineries on adjacent tiles, with each piece providing a different amount. The Main Tower has the greatest amount of passive oil, with a radius of 3. The Haunted Porch produces Pumpkins in addition to oil and is carried by the Headless Horticulturist to the nearest Silo.
  • Tesla Coils — Tesla Coils are another type of energy production system that can be used to power buildings without the need for solar panels. They provide passive energy to surrounding buildings, but they also generate units of energy on a predetermined timetable. Furthermore, this energy is generated without the negative health effects associated with standard Power Plants.

The Town Star NFT Barter Stations

Currently, there is only one of its kind as of this post. United States residents are not eligible for this giveaway, and OKEx products are not available in the United States. The OKEx Barter Station will NOT be for sale in the Town Star store, but in the future, we will likely release new non-branded buildings with similar functions in the store.

The OKEx Barter Station – If you want to get the best possible deals in Town Star, you need Barter Stations. These are incredibly helpful because they will give players the ability to swap one resource for another. OK-3X, the helpful robot, will assist with all your Barter Station deliveries! The Barter Station introduces an entirely new functionality into the Town Star game: The ability to trade 1 basic resource for another.

Sugarcane goes in, and 1 of 3 different resources comes out. The building can be set to either Wheat, Cotton or Wood. Once set, every 2 units of Sugarcane will be traded automatically for one unit of the output resource selected.

The Town Star NFT Skins

All Town Star NFT Skins are available for purchase in the game. However, there are only tons of Mirandus and VOX skins which you can choose from at this time.

Mirandus SkinsThese Skins commemorate the Mirandus Game by turning your Town Star buildings into medieval themes.

VOX Skins – These skins commemorate the VOX Partnership with Gala. Vox is an adventure and creation game created using a voxel and block based aesthetic (similar to minecraft). A VOX has two values: rarity and character stats. The VOX with the highest amount of TownCoin earning potential is the ‘rarest’ one, with a Rarity score of 3074.57. Even if your VOX isn’t rare, you can still earn TownCoin every day just by playing! Start Collecting your VOX today and earning that Town Coin.
The Town Star NFT Collection Roundup

Beyond that, it’s anticipated that 2022 will be Town Star’s most exciting year yet, with new ways to play and acquire coins, as well as a slew of new NFTs for players to collect. The conclusion of this post is now here. I’m hoping that you enjoyed reading this article and please donate either ETH or Gala to help keep this blog alive and these articles written for your reading.

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