OKEx Barter Station


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Want to swap crops? With this OKEx branded Barter Station, you can swap sugarcane for wheat, cotton or wood! OK-3X, the helpful robot, will assist with all your Barter Station deliveries! The Barter Station introduces an entirely new functionality into the Town Star game: The ability to trade 1 basic resource for another.

Sugarcane goes in, and 1 of 3 different resources come out. The building can be set to either Wheat, Cotton or Wood. Once set, every 2 units of Sugarcane will be traded automatically for one unit of the output resource selected.

United States residents are not eligible for this giveaway, and OKEx products are not available in the United States. The OKEx Barter Station will NOT be for sale in the Town Star store, but in the future, we will likely release new non-branded buildings with similar functions in the store.

Collection: NFT Building
Chain: Treasure Chest treasure chest
Price: Gala 38,888 ($18,318.35)
Rarity: Legendary
Quantity: 1
Utility: The ability to trade 1 basic resource for another.
Points: 91
Requirements: none
Affect by: none
Pollution: none
Shade & Wind Block: none


This beautiful building (the first of its kind) will stand as a symbol of cooperation between Gala Games and OKEx.

Helpful bot OK-3X


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