The Noir Hero


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The Noir Hero NFT is to commemorate the Frank Miller collection. Iconic artist and writer Frank Miller created the neo-noir crime thriller series of graphic novels, Sin City, which broke down barriers and captured the comic world’s imagination. The raw and brutal humanity of Miller’s noir heroes made them relatable on a level that few artists in the space have ever reached. This Noir Hero will tell stories and live forever in your Town. In the game, the NFT will take the form of a beautiful statue, reimagined within Town Star by our talented art team led by Art Director Warren Marshall. It will stand as a beacon of hope and support for the underdogs, the oppressed, and the down on their luck. Most importantly, as long as you’ve completed your Daily Challenge and have the Gala Power level to support it, this NFT will earn you 50 TOWN each day (subject to change).

Collection: Items
Chain: Treasure Chest
Price: 1.2 ETH ($3,273.30)
Rarity: Ancient
Quantity: 789
Utility: unknown
Points: 50*
Outputs: Passive Water (3)
Requirements: none
Affect by: none
Pollution: none
Shade & Wind Block: none


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