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The Mirandus Skin Packs Rerelease is Coming Soon!


Hold onto your Sheep Town Stars – The Mirandus Skin Packs rerelease is coming soon! I’m sure you all saw the dragon leak from a couple of weeks ago, and from the original video posted below, you can see by collecting all 10 dragon voucher packs, you’ll unlock the Mirandus Dragon.

Here’s a little more info as we know:

  • Mirandus Skin Packs will be rereleased sometime next week
  • They will only be purchasable in TOWN.
  • One per one transaction
  • Only 2 Skin Packs will be available at a time – We will announce the details of the sale soon.
  • $2500 per pack
  • If you have all 10 dragon vouchers, it will act as a transport unit that will require no gas.


Collect All the Skins of Mirandus in Town Star

The most avid collectors and fans have been ecstatic over these Mirandus-Themed Town Star Skins, with 10/10 having been offered in the Gala Games shop. Those that missed out are going to get another opportunity.

Details of the Mirandus Skin Bonus

Deploying Mirandus-Themed Town Star Skins will boost all crafting and movement speed throughout your entire town. The following are some of the features that are included in this exciting Town Star boost. The bonus is simple to understand and has a twofold impact on everyone and everything in your Town Star town: it increases both the speed and production times.

How the bonus works. With the released 10 unique Mirandus-Themed Skin Packs, the more of these packs that are represented in your town, the greater your movement and production bonuses will be. Each skin assigned to your workers and production structures will give them a 2.5% speed boost. There is a limit of 1 bonus per Skin Pack, which means you’ll only receive the 2.5 percent boost if you apply 5 skins from the same pack.

That’s where things start to get interesting. You’ll receive the maximum possible bonus of +25% speed to all workers’ movement and production in your town if you use at least 1 skin from each pack (1–10). All it takes to get your benefit is to have the skin applied to your Town Star game. It doesn’t even need to be in your town for the skinned structure to qualify for the bonus. The bonus is yours as long as the skin is turned on.

mirandus town star skin previews

The First Speed Boosting NFT Items in Town Star

There were bots that travelled faster than workers and NFT items that increased storage or passive resource production in the past, but Town Star has never seen an NFT item improve the game’s overall speed and production time – HUGE WIN!

In the game of Town Star, Time = Money. In order to be 25% more productive, and therefore make 25% more money, is to move 25% faster. Most importantly, you’ll have a clear competitive advantage over every player who didn’t get their hands on the skins because of this bonus.

These skins have made a significant improvement in terms of Town Star gameplay. We can provide a unique incentive to using Mirandus-Themed skins on your game thanks to the power of blockchain-backed skin ownership. You may give you and your town an enormous boost week after week and place in the Top 400 during the weekly competition in the Town Star challenge just by deploying these skins.

The Dragon’s Ability in Town Star

Owners of all 10 Dragon Vouchers will take advantage of new winged and scaled transport unit in Town Star. Your Dragon Familiar will flap around your town in style, delivering goods to nearby cities at no gas costs. You heard that correctly – your Dragon Familiar will make deliveries with absolutely no Gasoline cost.

Imagine how making Gasoline-free deliveries could completely change your Town Star game play and build. Instead of creating a polluted industrial area just for Gasoline production every single time, you could get truly creative with your new innovative Town Star builds, experimenting with new strategies or trying out new crafts and systems.

Dragonkeepers, you’ll have the luxury of placing your towns in exotic locations even further from cities with no Gasoline costs!

They’re Back – In Limited Supply This time – Mirandus Based Skins

Future sales (and future prices) have not been determined, but you may be confident that the price will rise on the rest of the stock in future sells.

Don’t forget that with each Skin Pack, you’ll receive a Dragon Voucher. Collecting all 10 of these Vouchers will earn you the greatest bonus of them all: Mirandus’ Dragon Familiar. This dragon will travel with your avatar on its adventures, making your friends envious and foes afraid.

Get your Mirandus-Themed Town Star Skin Packs from the Gala Games store right now, but only while supplies last. For more information, stay tuned for updates.

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