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Breaking News – Snoop + Gala Games (Gala Music)


OK heres the latest – Pizza or Sandwiches? it depends if you’re on the ground or if you’re in the air says the Snoop Diggity Dogg. This is the first mention of Gala Music and Listen 2 Earn. This upcoming is the mention of a new token called Gala Music Token.

Get a Stash Box NFT from B.O.D.R., the new blockchain album, by purchasing a limited edition Stash Box NFT.

Gala Music is ecstatic to have teamed up with Snoop Dogg to revolutionize the music business.

Gala is releasing Snoop Dogg’s newest record (B.O.D.R.) on the blockchain, and song downloads are being sold as NFTs that will be located later in Stash Box NFTs. For a limited time, Stash Boxes are only available in extremely small quantities.

Gala Music + Snoop’s Stash Box = #WINNING

snoops stash box NFTGala Music isn’t just another music streaming service. It’s a decentralized ecosystem for music that allows musicians, supporters, and fans to actively engage with the music experience like never before.

Gala Music is a blockchain-based music company that aims to be the first decentralized record label. Listen-to-earn, artists’ empowerment through support in the Gala Games Ecosystem, and music businesses’ power of reward allocation are all things we’ll show you on Friday, February 11th. We’re really excited to share more with you and we hope you’ll let us on the stage at Blockchain Unbound.

Entertainment is a big business, and records matter to musicians more than ever before. In this new digital music economy, it’s important that artists have a place they can call home. Our decentralized ecosystem gives artists the power to be independent from labels by using their own brand to engage in a community of music supporters. The Gala Music team has been building this for quite some time, and we’re actually going live with B.O.D.R. in just a few days!

B.O.D.R., track by Snoop Dogg, will be distributed on the blockchain through song downloads that are sold as Stash Box NFTs. For the first time, fans will be able to own a digital asset of Snoop Dogg himself! Stash Boxes won’t last long so act fast if you hope to snag one.

As an artist, I feel inspired by what Gala Music is doing for artists with blockchain technology. The ability to actually own something that is digital is very exciting. When I was approached with this idea, it struck my imagination immediately when they told me I could sell a piece of myself in the form of the song downloads. Gala Music allows musicians to be part of an entire community dedicated to music, not just one label or business. The fans are the centre of it all, and musicians can play a role.

Gala’s thrilled to be working with an artist as iconic as Snoop Dogg, and they’re truly grateful for his support.

A special thanks to Gala Ambassadors who have been part of this journey from the beginning along with Learn Town Star for keeping the community abreast with such great news – Maybe the Gala Talent will consider us for the Role of Paladin of Truth?

Death Row Records NFT Town StarGala Turntable NFTEpic Stylin Ride NFT Town StarLegendary Stylin Ride NFT Town Starsnoops stash box NFT

It’s a Stash Box With an Extraordinary Story

We understand how daunting it is to think of a present that continues to give, especially when there are so many options. Don’t stress yourself out over it. You can acquire a Stash Box and become its custodian for the rest of your life.

You’ll get everything that comes out of your Stash Box, including the 1/17 track NFT from Bacc On Death Row’s album. There will be further as-yet-undetermined rewards, such as access to owner drops, improved in-game utilities over time, and the impending capability to use your music in various Gala Games across the Ecosystem. Such as Snoop’s exclusive 5 track he’s dropping for SpiderTanks – Whhhhhatt!?!

There will be more information on the TBD specifics of all of these rewards later, but consider the Snoop Dogg Stash Box to be a lifetime membership to an elite club.

If you think the work Gala’s doing for music is important and revolutionary. So do we. First, you may get your foot in the door by purchasing a Stash Box and a portion of this historic record.

Gotta Collect Them All – All 17!!

The first Gala Music album release is the granddaddy of collector achievements, with the goal of collecting all 17 distinct track NFTs. That will not be easy, and anyone wanting to complete it will almost certainly have to trade on the secondary markets. Here’s what you get if you finish all 17:

  • Invited to private concerts and private parties, including possibly BBQs at Snoop Dogg’s home. This was extended as a personal addition from Snoop himself.
  • A limited edition – custom commemorative chain for Snoop Dogg, Death Row Records and Gala Music made to Snoop’s sparkly specifications.
  • Ongoing VIP membership benefits — Owning the entire album is basically the inner circle level of membership for an early adopter to Gala. This circle will receive special benefits and communications that are entirely TBD throughout the Gala Ecosystem.
  • A Limited Edition – Death Row Spider Tank – If you bought in the first hour

Listen 2 earn works like this: In order to earn something you have to do something. The way it’s currently structured – if you one of the Snoop NFTs – you can assign it to a Gala Node, and you’ll earn points in the distribution for Gala Music. You have to pair the song with the Node, it could be someone else’s Gala Music Node.

These Snoop Stash Boxes are only available for a limited time and in limited supply. When they’re gone, they’re gone forever unless someone decides to sell on the secondary markets.

gala music snoop dogg

Listen 2 Earn

Here’s how it works: Gala Music provides a decentralized and transparent music library file system that tracks every contribution made to the platform and debits these contributions from your account within 24 hours. It takes all revenue sources (sales, streaming, licensing) into consideration to give you the biggest payout possible. All transactions take place on the blockchain , making them secure and transparent.

If the song is paired with someone else’s Node, you can still earn points. I’m not sure how it works now about pairing – but every pair of NFT to NODE seems to be eligible for some earnings. Gala Music Nodes will earn Music token and host music files. They will not earn Gala, they won’t get game NFTs. You’ll also have to “listen” or do something that qualifies as listening within the app.

Gala is throwing around the idea of requiring a node owner to stake Gala as collateral in order to even participate in the listen to earn ecosystem. The best part of it is that you can get paid for using the app! All this Gala Music token stuff will be done in-app, and everyone can partake in earning Gala Music tokens! Just by listening to your favorite Snoop Dogg song while you’re chilling on your sofa! Amazing!!

This is another huge step in bringing ownership to not only the gaming industry, but the music industry and virtual media industry.

Here’s the news on the Drop that’s coming out:

NFT: Snoop’s Stash Box
Release: February 8th at 4:20PM PST
NFT: 1 NFT gets you 1 Stash Box
Stash Box: Special Items, 1 Song off the next Album “Back to Death Row”
Price: Vox Season 1 pricing – 10% and or around $5,000 USD per NFT.
Quantity: 1,470 of each full Album (25,000 NFTs)
Utility: Own All 17 NFTs gets you access into a really fun event (“Get High As Fuck With Snoop Dogg BBQ Party” ) – details to come – Only 250 Attendees will get to hang with Snoop in Inglewood before the concert!

There were 4 future sales that have been discussed today. Here’s the skinny 🚀

Sale #1: Tuesday, February 8th – 888 Inner Circle Membership Sale

Time: Allowlist 9-11 AM Pacific (Gold members)
Public Sale 11:11 AM Pacific
Price: 0.0888 ETH but in GALA (plus ETH for gas fees)
Location: 888’s website

Gala’s talked in the past about their partnership with legendary NFT collector and curator 888, and it was an honor for them to be named Guardians of the Blue Realm for the 888 Inner Circle at Galaverse. Since then, an amazing who’s who of web3 pioneers have taken up guardianship over their own Realms, and on February 8th, the Inner Circle is ready to expand.

Sale #2: Tuesday, February 8th – Mirandus Skins

Time: Unknown
Price: $2,500 (estimated)
Location: Gala Games Store
More info: Mirandus Skins are back!

Sale #3 Wednesday, February 9th – Snoop Music NFT Drop

Time: 4:20 PM Pacific
Price: Around $5,000+ but in GALA (plus ETH for gas fees)
Location: Gala TBD (Either Gala Games or Gala Music website)
More info: Coming soon Gala Music!

Sale #4 Gala Music Nodes and Death Row Music Nodes

Day & Time: 4pm (PST) – 2/9/22
Price: $1200
Quantity: Unlimited
Location: Gala Music Nodes Info