Gala Nodes Power Gala Music

Gala Music & Gala Music Nodes – Streaming Turned Upside Down!


Introducing the Gala Music Nodes and Gala Music Token. The decentralized Gala Music network is supported by music fans who operate a simple Node software license from their home computers and earn rewards for streaming music files as part of the blockchain ecosystem.

What are Gala Music Nodes?

Gala Music nodes are a lot like a the classic jukebox or in modern fashions, maybe you are all too young to remember the Ipod and how it revolutionized your playlist. The Music Nodes are going to be a place where you load your node with Song NFTs of either your own or others that you’ve acquired. This allows for the Node to be selected from the streaming nodes available with the song to play.

On the user side – Gala will have a streaming app for Music, when a user plays the song it interacts with GC to find nodes with that track. Then it grabs the node with lowest latency hosting that song and streams it to the user. For every song play some Gala Music tokens are emitted 35% of the tokens go to all people with that song NFT (50% of this goes to a node if ur renting one to host your song), 10% to all Music node network for being online, 5% goes to specific node that streamed the song to the user. Each node can host as many song NFTs as you have resources to support. Where you host the node will matter for max payout since its latency based to determine which node is chosen. A subscription to Gala Music will be implemented to burn the Gala Music tokens and keep demand for it. Basically is sounds to me like its flipping the streaming subscription model on its head by paying all the money back to content creators and the community!

Gala Music Nodes go on sale Friday 02/09/22 priced at $1,200. No tiers. Unlimited amount can be purchased.

If you’re a lover of all kinds of music and want to support the growth of a decentralized music network which is better for artists and fans, and the music ecosystem, the Player Node is for you. Bonus! as a Player Node owner, you get the chance to be surprised with an NFT from every drop on the Gala Music store.

  • Play music NFTs from every genre and artist on the platform
  • Pair any music NFT with your Node to earn rewards
  • Be one of the first pioneers on the network

Gala Music Nodes

Listen 2 Earn

Here’s how it works: Gala Music provides a decentralized and transparent music library file system that tracks every contribution made to the platform and debits these contributions from your account within 24 hours. It takes all revenue sources (sales, streaming, licensing) into consideration to give you the biggest payout possible. All transactions take place on the blockchain , making them secure and transparent.

If the song is paired with someone else’s Node, you can still earn points. Every pair of NFT to NODE seems to be eligible for some earnings. Gala Music Nodes will earn Music token and host music files. They will not earn Gala, they won’t get game NFTs. You’ll also have to “listen” or do something that qualifies as listening within the app.

Gala is throwing around the idea of requiring a node owner to stake Gala as collateral in order to even participate in the listen to earn ecosystem. The best part of it is that you can get paid for using the app! All this Gala Music token stuff will be done in-app, and everyone can partake in earning Gala Music tokens! Just by listening to your favorite Snoop Dogg song while you’re chilling on your sofa! Amazing!!

This is another huge step in bringing ownership to not only the gaming industry, but the music industry and virtual media industry.