Into the Galaverse Europe in June 2022!


We got together in Las Vegas in mid-December for a presentation that no one before us had ever seen. Each of our games had immersive world experiences, and there were lots of new projects, including Last Expedition, Legacy, and The Walking Dead: Empires.

There were top-tier performances and live entertainment throughout the day, followed by VIP catered parties in the evening. There was free stuff for guests and the opportunity to get special discounts for participants. There was insider information and a chance for the community to spend some time with the team.

galaverse preview 2021

It was clear that the Galaverse is much, much larger than any one event, no matter how spectacular. We’ve set out to organize the first of this year’s events in our minds! That’s correct — it’s the FIRST!

We will be in Copenhagen, Denmark on June 6,7,8!

The Galaverse Europe Details

  • There will not be daily tickets, one ticket for the entire event (hotel included)
  • Only 800 tickets will be available
  • Cost is $8000 for a single or $14,800 for a couple (with shared room)
  • Limited to 2 tickets
  • There will be no companion tickets
  • Air travel is not included.

Wen Galverse Europe Ticket Sale??

February 14th! We have opened up a whitelist application.

Applications will be reviewed and accepted in the following order:

  1. Prior Galaverse attendees
  2. Gala Founder’s Node Owners
  3. Gala Gold Members
  4. Gala Town Node Owners or Gala Music Node Owners
  5. Gala NFT owners

Tiebreakers will primarily be decided by who checks off the most of these boxes.

You will be contacted and given one week to purchase your tickets or they will be released to the next person on the waitlist.

Why Whitelist?

We wanted to make ‘sale day’ less stressful for everyone and have a way to reward our biggest fans and community members.

Sign up to purchase tickets to Galaverse HERE!

We know that sometimes buying can be pretty stressful and at worst unfair so we wanted to try something new. I totally appreciate it won’t be perfect, but please know that we’re doing our best to make it okay.

So, the plan … rather than have a free-for-all ticket purchase (or first come first serve), we have (1) limited ticket purchases and (2) tried to reward our most loyal Gala fans. To make this real, we’ll have a whitelist – that means this time you can apply to come to Galaverse if you’d like to. We will then review applications and accept them in the following order:

  1. Prior Galaverse in-person attendees
  2. Gala Founder’s Node Owners
  3. Gala Gold Members
  4. Gala Town and Music Node Owners
  5. Gala NFT owners
  6. Partner NFT owners
  7. Others

*Note: selecting more increases your odds of being selected as the quantity will be the first qualifier in tiebreakers. And yes, we will check your account to confirm.

June Galaverse Europe 2022 Summary

I know that some of you will know this already, but just in case, the summary so far is:

• Galaverse Europe will be held June 06-08 in Copenhagen

• There will not be daily tickets, just one ticket for the whole event

• There will be 3 nights included (arrival, the evening of day one and day two of the event)

• There will be no companion tickets this time and no levels or tiers

• There are 800 tickets

• Tickets are priced at $8,000 in GALA – there is also a couple’s ticket (which discounts a room from two tickets) at $14,800.

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