Town Star Cotton Storage NFTs

Cotton on to More Storage NFTs!


Do you want even more storage? You gotta be cotton kidding me! A new series of cotton storage NFTs are on the way to Town Star and we’re here with the need-to-know about them. Town Star’s releasing these cotton storage specific NFTs so you can have more room in those Silos.

Town Star Uncommon Cotton Storage NFT Town Star Rare Cotton Storage NFT Town Star Epic Cotton Storage NFT Town Star Legendary Cotton Storage NFT

We know how annoying the Silo storage is. It holds every single harvested crop and between trying to juggle different Town Builds, it doesn’t help that the Cotton starts to stack up while trying to craft Cotton Yarn. We’ve been there too. Have no fret, cotton storage NFTs are coming to Town Star along with the Gasoline Storage NFTs!

The new cotton storage specific NFTs come in 4 different rarities: Legendary, Epic, Rare, and Uncommon. These cotton storage NFTs will make your Town look uber cool while earning you Town Coin when placed and completing the daily challenges.

The Gala Games Shop will feature these cotton storage NFTs under the Town Star category! These items should be purchasable in a variety of cryptocurrencies, all of which are linked to USD prices in the Gala Store.

“I’m overzealous for these storage items —I’m really in high standing cotton now!” -Learn Town Star

Who can use Cotton Storage in Town Star?

Town Star Townies who can’t get enough of cotton. Town Stars love hearing about new NFTs, and they all agree more Storage NFTs would be helpful for Town Stars everywhere!

“My new Cotton Storage NFTs are just what I needed to free up space in my Silo.” – Townie Town Star

“These new Town Star Cotton Storage NFTs are wonderful!” – Townie Town Star

You’ll be able to grab these cotton storage unique NFTs in four different rarities: Legendary, Epic, Rare, and Uncommon. These cotton-storage specific NFTs come with a unique cotton bushel emblem that signifies it – much like other item-specific storage units, these Cotton Storage NFTs are a show stopper! Place these Cotton Storage NFTs for Town Star in your favorite spots around the Town and start earning coins when you complete the daily challenges by having them placed upon completing the challenge.

Why Town Star Cotton Storage NFTs?

Well, besides it looking cool in your Town. Cotton storage is one of the few storage items the game has been lacking… This will allow for more precise sorting from the Farmers and lessen the need for multiple Silos. It’s also super functional – you can store cotton using this item and earn Town Coin when it’s placed.

Cotton Storage NFTs are a fantastic technique to add some extra flair and usefulness to your Town Star build. You can also use them to finish daily goals and gain Town Coin, which is great. If you’re looking for a way to add storage and function to your Town Star, be sure to check out these new Cotton Storage NFTs!

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