Time to be Tank-Full for Gas Storage NFTs!


Do you want more storage? You got it! New gas storage NFTs are on the way to Town Star and we’re here with the information you need to know about them. Town Star’s dropping these gasoline storage NFTs so you can have more room for gasoline production.

Town Star gasoline storage uncommon Town Star gasoline storage rare Town Star gasoline storage epic Town Star gasoline storage legendary

We know how it feels – wandering through the gasoline production desperately looking for item-specific storage in Town Star. Storage for Crude Oil, then refined into Petroleum, and finally Gasoline. We’ve been there too. Don’t worry though, gasoline storage NFTs are coming to Town Star!

The new gasoline storage specific NFTs come in 4 different rarities: Legendary, Epic, Rare, and Uncommon. These gasoline storage NFTs will make your Town look uber cool while earning you Town Coin when placed and completing the daily challenges.

These gasoline storage NFTs will be available for purchase in the Gala Games Shop under the Town Star category! These items should be available for purchase in a multitude of cryptocurrencies which are all tied to USD prices in the Gala Store.

“When my Town has storage specific to gas, I’m tank-full” – Learn Town Star

Who can use Gasoline Storage in Town Star?

You’ll be able to grab these gasoline storage unique NFTs in four different rarities: Legendary, Epic, Rare, and Uncommon. These gasoline-storage specific NFTs come with a unique gasoline barrel topper that signifies it – much like other item-specific storage units, these Gasoline Storage NFTs are a crowd pleaser! Place these Gasoline Storage NFTs for Town Star in your favorite spots around the Town and start earning coins when you complete the daily challenges by having them placed upon completing the challenge.

Why Town Star Gasoline Storage NFTs?

Well, besides it looking cool in your Town. Gasoline storage is a crowd-pleaser…Breaking down the barriers needed to get to Gas Production in Town Star has been a goal by adding a single Storehouse to the initial structure build. This will allow for more precise production from the Refinery and lessen the need for multiple Fuel Tanks. It’s also super functional – you can store gasoline using this item and earn Town Coin when it’s placed.

Gasoline Storage NFTs are a great way to add some extra flavor and functionality to your Town Star. These gasoline-storage specific NFTs come in four different rarities, each with its own unique gasoline barrel topper. Not only do they look uber cool, but you can also use them to complete the daily challenges and earn Town Coin. If you’re looking for a way to add storage and function to your Town Star, be sure to check out these new Gasoline Storage NFTs!

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