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Are You Familiar With The Town Star Dragon?

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Coming soon to a Town near you – or maybe not because the Town Star Dragon is going to be one of a kind. With a massive Dragon Fire Burn on Mirandus Skins Packs, now only a max of 2500 Dragon Familiars can now ever exist in total. This limited opportunity and probably never again return sale will cover the final 250 sets of 10 Dragon Voucher NFTs.

What Does the Dragon Do in Town Star?

The total supply of possible Dragon Familiars was burned in a massive inferno from 10k to 2.5k so it was only natural for the Gale Developers and Engineers to provide a new twist of a Town Star utility that justified the significant price jump from when the Mirandus Skin Packs were previously released.

Hear Ye, Hear Ye ! Dragon Keepers – Those lucky to possess all 10/10 Dragon Vouchers will take advantage of new winged and scaled transport unit you can add to your Town. The Dragon Familiar will flap around your town in glorious style, emitting fear into nearby Towns while delivering goods to nearby cities at no Gasoline Cost. The Dragon Familiar will make deliveries with absolutely no Gasoline cost and at a wicked time speed.

How does this shake up game play? Take away a huge portion of time creating Gasoline in Town Star and also not polluting your Town will make a Huge Difference. This also means you can place your town in those most exotic locations while not having to worry about the cost of Gas, or even production of Gas and all that comes with it in Town Star. You could get truly creative with your builds, experimenting with new strategies or trying out new crafts and systems that can take the Top 400 by Storm.

No Gasoline costs and faster delivery for the Dragon Keepers when trading goods!

Dragon Familiar Town Star

What Do Mirandus Skin Packs Utilities?

After the first few Mirandus-Themed Skin Pack sales, it was decided by the Games Developers that they should have a Town Star in-game boost. Nothing else like that existed in the game that sped things up for the Players. The Town Star genius engineers and developers put their heads down and came up with not only a unique worker speed but production boost based on how many different Skin Packs a player has deployed in their town stacking up to 25% or 2.5% per pack.

  • If 1 Skin from each Pack is deployed in your town, you will receive the maximum total worker speed bonus of 25%, a substantial increase to the travel speed of all workers. (2.5% per Pack deployed).
  • Additionally, all craft production is increased by 1% for each Skin Pack represented, up to a maximum bonus of 10%.
  • These in-game booster skins are incredible in how it will change the game play arena in competition. So much of Town Star’s strategy is based around travel time and efficiency of production when trying to rank in the top 400 weekly competition. When you consider the fact that each Skin is a separate token and they can be traded individually on the OpenSea secondary market, it becomes possible to make the in-game boosts a reality even without buying the Packs directly from the store or grab up all 10/10 Dragon Vouchers to complete your set.

    Get Familiar with Added NFT Layered Benefits

    Town Star Dragon Leak

    Gala’s continued to demonstrate how easily additional layers of benefits and in-game utilities can be added to existing owned items, and this one proves it. How does this work? Well – Each Town Star Mirandus Skin Pack contained a 1/10 Dragon Voucher. By collecting and HODLing all 10 Dragon Vouchers allows the owner to later claim a Mirandus Dragon Familiar in the upcoming MMORPG, Mirandus with some cool abilities yet to be revealed but we are excited.