Coming Soon to Town Star – VOX Dragon


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Hey Howdy Hey Town Stars!

There’s been some hype over the latest Mirandus Vox Dragon NFT Switching Owners for $1.48 Million. As you know – The VOX reveal on 12/21/21 left everyone speechless and in an endless dance party.


That’s not all that’s been brewing in the Gala kitchen either. Can anyone say Pizza 🍕 or maybe Chocolates 🍫 ?

Dragon Den Coming Soon to Town Star

We’ve been watching Gala diligently working on stepping up their NFT game in Town Star. We’ve also got some sneak peaks for the latest upcoming Season 2 of Town Star.

Spoiler Attempt: Some players have speculation that they think it is indeed the skin rewards, and the dragon will collect your wool for you faster than ranchers will. The “Bleating Dragon Food” name for the sheep pen is just a fun effect of the skins, but it actually will take the sheep in its mouth and deliver it as wool. OR it will eliminate the need to store your wool in a storehouse, but still count the wool towards your inventory.

Does a Dragon Food Pen sound interesting enough? Maybe some Bleating Dragon Food for your VOX pet to feed on? We’ll keep you posted as we have some new information! Keep checking back for all the latest Town Star Tips, Tricks, Guides, News, and Town Star Updates.

You’ll notice our little VOX friend has a cave he calls home as well as he seems to like to eat Sheep!!! What’s this mean for Town Star and how will it impact the game? We’ll only have to wait and see.

wen dragon pizza town star

All we know is this has to do something possibly with more pizza and chocolates? We’ve gotten wind that the Galatine’s 2022 event will have Lolli and Pops whipping up some chocolates for all those Town Star lovers out there. Are you ready for the latest Town Star Meta? Get prepared – you’ll need to learn all about the latest crop Cocoa Fields to produce Cocoa and then production at the Chocolate Shop!

Mirandus Town Star Tribute

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