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The Candy Cane Production Guide for Town Star

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The Candy Cane production guide for Town Star is a comprehensive guide that will teach you how to produce candy canes in the game. In order to produce candy canes, you first need a candy shop and then you need to gather energy, sugar and peppermint. The following steps will show you how to quickly build up your candy cane production so that you can start ranking in the top 10 in Town Star.

candy shop in town star

You can get sugar from Sugar Cane Farms, that are turned into Sugar at the windmill which you can build in the Farm Tab. You can also get peppermint from Peppermint Fields, which you can build in the same area.

First, you need to build a candy shop. This building can be found in the Farm section of the town star menu. Once you have built the candy shop, you need to gather energy. You can get energy by harvesting it from wind turbines, but you’re really going to need to create a power plant in order to substain making candy canes.

The first step is getting the Sugar Rush going. Follow our guide for the Sugar Rush Gas Guide to get this step of the process going, This will help you when you need to build more Candy Shops to produce Candy Canes.

Sugar Rush Town Star Step 6

Let’s go over the basic buildings to make Candy Canes

Ensure you have enough Peppermint, Sugar and Energy to keep the production running. Keep in mind that it’s necessary to build more workers at each building type as you increase the production of Candy Canes. This will double your output at each structure.

Let’s go over the increased buildings to make Candy Canes

  • Peppermint Fields (16x)
  • Sugar Cane Fields (24x)
  • Tree Farms (11x)
  • Windmill (6x)
  • Storehouse (4x)
  • Farmhouse (12x)
  • Silo (4x)
  • Wood Shed (4x)
  • Wind Turbine (10x)
  • Warehouse (3x)
  • Worker House (2x)
  • Lumbermill (1x)
  • Candy Shop (6)
  • Power Plant (4x)
  • Refinery (1x)

Build 16 Peppermint Fields, 11 Tree Farms, 6 Windmill, 2 Storehouse, 12 Farmhouses, 2 Work Houses, 4 Storehouse, 4 Wood Sheds, 4 Silos, 5 Oil Wells, 4 Power Plants, 1 Lumbermill, 1 Refinery, and 3 Warehouses. Also make sure you have built 6 Candy Shops and about 10 Wind Turbines. You should be able to get about 6 candy canes per minute if you keep expanding and upgrading.

candy cane peppermint crop operation

Candy Cane Output in Town Star META

candy canes town starIn order to make the Candy Cane, you need 6 Sugar, 4 Peppermint, and 6 energy. It takes about 360 seconds to make a candy cane. Luckily for the competition, they halved the requirements for making Candy Canes.

You will need to keep upgrading your Windmill and Farmhouses in order to keep up with the production of candy canes. The same goes for your Silos and Warehouses.

Candy Cane META is the new build for ranking in the top 10 in Town Star. In order to build Candy Canes, you need a Candy Shop and lots of energy, sugar and peppermint to produce the Candy Canes. Here’s a guide that will help you get going fast to producing the Candy Canes and ending up in the top spots in Town Star where you’re able to earn crypto as rewards.

Make sure you are keeping up with the demand, or you will start losing ranking in Town Star. Good luck! And happy candy cane production! 🙂

Candy Cane Winter Rewards in Town Star

Make sure you log in every day, harvest your crops and collect your rewards from the Town Star Menu. Clicking on the coins will give you more information such as how much crypto (Town Coin) you’ve earned for Town Star (this is not the same as wallet balance).

The top 10 earners in town star get a reward in their account every week which includes a small amount of crypto, and sometimes other goodies. You’ll want to continue building any additional candy shops until you’re within the top 10 earners in order to receive a larger payday for the Candy Cane META.

Producing candy canes in Town Star is a quick and easy way to make some extra crypto while having fun playing the game. With this guide, you’ll be on your way to becoming one of the top producers in no time! Thanks for reading.

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