new meta 12/21/21 Town Star

December 2021 Weekly Server Competition – New META 12/21/21

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It’s NEW META TIME!!! New Meta starts when the new Weekly Competition starts. Tuesday, December 21, 2021 10:00 AM (time in your timezone)

???? CANDY CANES!!! ????

Candy Canes are set to $250 and 1830 points with 1/2 the crafting requirements.

Any crafts with points normally over 100 will be nerfed to 100.

Ex. Chardonnay’s normal points = 464, during this meta they will be 100.

⚡Gala Rewards Weekly Competition⚡ Scale (Subject to change)

Top Player: 5,500 ⚡Gala Reward⚡

Second Place: 4,000 ⚡Gala Reward⚡

Third Place: 3,000 ⚡Gala Reward⚡

Players 4-10: 2,000 ⚡Gala Reward⚡

Players 11-20: 1,300 ⚡Gala Reward⚡

Players 21-50: 1,000 ⚡Gala Reward⚡

Players 51-100: 800 ⚡Gala Reward⚡

Players 101-200: 400 ⚡Gala Reward⚡

Players 201-300: 300 ⚡Gala Reward⚡

Players 301-400: 200 ⚡Gala Reward⚡

weekly server competition rewards town star

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