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How to Increase Candy Cane Production in Town Star

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Looking to increase Increase Candy Cane Production in Town Star? You’ve found the place. This article we cover what it takes to increase candy cane production in Town Star to rank in the top 400. We’ve got some basic, standard and pro tips to help you increase that Candy Cane output in the weekly Town Star META challenge. Keep reading on Town Stars for the juicy sweet stuff.

You’ve undoubtedly heard of Lolli, the blue-haired candy queen who has invaded your hearts and towns. As you may have guessed, Lolli is the new character who will entered town on November 30th with the start of the new Weekly Competition. She works in a candy factory called The Candy Shop, which just opened. Continue reading to learn more about how you may include this sweetness into your city.


“Take me to The Candy Shop – I’ll give you all I Got”

It’s a brand-new structure dedicated to the production of top-tier sweetened goods that will sell for a high price and have a high Star value. This facility will be available to all players as a standard in-game production building, but it will be rather costly for the Special NFTs.




We’re getting started with the Candy Shop, which has only one craft after the moment. Gala selected Candy Canes as the original Candy Shop product in celebration of the approaching holiday season. The ingredients for the Candy Canes are listed below… Here’s what goes into each Candy Cane unit produced…

  1. 6 Units of Sugar (3 in current META)
  2. 10 Units of Energy (5 in current META)
  3. 4 Units of Peppermint (2 in current META)

Wait – Peppermint? That’s right – you guessed right. Gala didn’t just create a new crafting product with the Candy Shop. They added a whole new crafting tree, beginning with a new type of farming field – The Peppermint Field.

For each unit of peppermint produced, the Peppermint Field will need 3 units of Water and 1 unit of Wood. Only Farmers can deliver Wood to your Peppermint Fields since Lumberjacks are clumsy and may trample the crops.

candy cane crafting

Here’s a look at Lolli delivering sugar to the Candy Shop!

How Candy Cane Production will Work

Since you don’t have time to experiment with the new building on your own, we want to tell you everything. We will give you some pro hints, pointers and tips to increasing Candy Cane production.

Candy Cane Production Facts:

  1. Candy Canes are stored in the Storehouse.
  2. Crafting a unit of Candy Canes takes 2 minutes in the current META
  3. Selling a load of Candy Canes will bring in $2500 in the current META.
  4. Candy Canes take 3 units of sugar, 2 peppermint, and 5 energy in the current META.
  5. Candy Canes yield 1830 Stars in the current META.

candy cane sales town star

There’s a load of Candy Canes coming out of the Candy Shop, ready to sell at the Trade Depot!

Pro Candy Cane Production Tips:

  • Use Energy Modifiers! – Energy modifiers are INCREDIBLY helpful for putting out quick, large loads of candy canes at once. Keep your eye on the clock, use passive energy multipliers like Solar Panels or Tesla Coils.
  • Make sure you have a lot of Sugar on hand – while this is the 2nd ingredient in Candy Canes – you’ll need a lot of it, so make sure you have enough farms and windmills to do the job.
  • Build more Candy Candy Shops! – the Lolli and Pops NFT candy shop factory is an amazing building that can produce 2x candy canes in half the time it takes for normal buildings. If you have one, use it!
  • Place down more Town Star NFTs for bonus Candy Cane Production – If you have this important building in your town, make sure they are placed strategically so that there are always several active or being built at any given time.
  • Pretty simple – stay on the ball when it comes to energy usage, candy cane production buildings and Town Star NFTs. Work hard, play harder!

Can’t Produce More Candy Canes? Go Back to Basics

As Gala introduces a new type of craft, it’s still good to understand the basics of Town Star. Gala is pleased with the success of their new candy cane production model – is looking to expand!

“Town Star has been such a hit we want to make sure all of our players can participate in this great event!” says Randi Sweetheart, VP for Product Testing. “So we’ve put together some handy tips and tricks to make sure Candy Cane production will be easier for all. “Following our great success with the recent introduction of Energy modifiers like Wind Mills, Solar Panels and Tesla Coils, we think everyone should have a chance to increase candy cane output. We’ve even upped the number of Town Star NFT’s that can help. Gala is also looking to increase production by increasing the number of Lolli and Pops NFT candy shops. Two times faster than normal buildings – Lolli and Pops are an easy, convenient place to build delicious candy canes!”

Good luck on all your Candy Cane builds! Lolli can’t wait to meet the people of your towns!

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