New Town Star NFT Drops! – Basketball Courts


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Basket Ball Court NFTs Placement Town StarHoop there it is! The latest Town Star NFT’s have dropped inside of the Gala Store. These Basketball Courts are playable in Town Star to commemorate the time that Gala Games teamed up with Under Armour and Curry Brand to change the game For GOOD and celebrate the greatest 3pt shooter of all time: Steph Curry.

You’ll need to Collect 2 Courts of equal rarity and 1 Genesis Curry Flow NFT shoe of the same rarity for an additional reward bonus!
Town Star NEW NFT Drop - Basketball Courts

First Ever – Bonus Town Coin for NFT Combos

Basket Ball Court Town Star NFT MenuWe’ve been keeping you up to date on what will be coming new to Town Star, and now we have the latest hotness. The newest star basketball court by NBA superstar Steph Curry is going to grace the courts of Town Star!

This is a milestone in the history of Gala Games and Town Star, as it will be the first time that players can power up their buildings using a combination of NFT buildings to give an additional power up boosting rewards in the form of coins. We also have some information on what this new feature means for you:

Collection: NFT Buildings
Chain: Treasure Chest treasure chest
Price: Gala 3419 ($1,470.63) – 55,000 ($27,399.63)
Rarity: Common – Legendary
Quantity: 1331 – 36
Utility: additional reward bonus
Points: n/a
Requirements: none
Affect by: none
Pollution: none
Shade & Wind Block: none

Town Star icon Basketball Court

Town Star icon Uncommon Basketball Court

Town Star icon Rare Basketball Court

Town Star icon Epic Basketball Court


Boom – Shaka Laka, Shaka Laka – NFT

Collect 2 Courts of equal rarity and 1 Genesis Curry Flow NFT shoe of the same rarity for an additional reward bonus!

This means you’ll need to collect the same rarity of the NFTs for the bonus to work.

Here’s the example: 2 Common Basketball Courts + 1 Genesis Curry Flow NFT (One of the 5)

This means you’ll need to purchase at minimum two of the courts + the Shoe NFT to get the FULL COURT PRESS BONUS.

Full Court Press Town Star NFT Bonus

These Basketball Courts are not designed to offer any boost to Town Star gameplay other than play-to-earn rewards. Instead, they were created to fit together with the Genesis Curry Flow. Neither the Court or the Genesis Curry Flow is required for the other to earn, but when you’re able to collect 2 (Half) Courts and a Genesis Curry Flow (all of the same rarity), you’ll unlock the FULL COURT PRESS BONUS!

Full Court Press Bonus

In order to use the Full Court Press Bonus, you’ll need 2 Half Courts + Genesis Curry Flow all of the same rarity = An additional fixed amount of daily TOWN rewards that depends on the rarity of Full Court Press you have unlocked from Common all the way up to Legendary.

With Greater Rarity Comes Greater Rewards

Keep in mind that the Half Basketball Courts come in different rarities, and that means as usual with Gala Games, each rarity can bring in a higher daily TOWN reward when you complete your Daily Challenge in Town Star.

There are 5 rarities of Half Courts that correspond to the 5 different rarity drops of Genesis Curry Flows: The Lab (Common), Warp (Uncommon), Flow (Rare), Broken History (Epic), and Unanimous (Legendary).

You can find more details about Steph Curry’s NFTs & basketball court here.

Please note that it will only be available for a limited time.

A new building will have the star basketball court as an option, go check it out in Gala store now!

Collect added bonus of Town Coin from Steph Curry’s star basketball court and Geneis Curry Flow every 24 hours. Collect more and more consecutive days and you will receive an added bonus Town Coin as you increase your Gala Power level being able to place down more NFTs as your Gala Power level grows.

Steph Curry’s new star court is coming to town! Collect 2 courts of equal rarity & 1 Genesis Curry Flow NFT shoe of the same rarity & get an added bonus reward! What’s also great is these shoes aren’t just collectibles. They’re playable in-game assets that will have cross-functionality across multiple metaverses. You’ve got that exactly right. They’ll be usable in Town Star for play-to-earn incentives, but the Genesis Curry Flow NFTs will also have functions in Decentraland and The Sandbox.

steph curry NFTs


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