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Last Tuesday evening, Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry made history when he sank his 2974th three-pointer at Madison Square Garden, a nothing-but-net beauty that sent the crowd wild. To commemorate this historic moment, Under Armour is “Changing the Game for Good” with a special limited edition charitable NFT drop. That’s where Gala Games drops in.

Genesis Curry Flow NFTs


What are the Curry Flow 9 ?

The Genesis Curry Flow NFT, created by Under Armour and Curry Brands, is an exact replica of the Curry Flow 9 shoes worn by Stephen Curry when he broke the record. A collectible NFT shoe to commemorate a historic NBA moment may seem fantastic enough, but you know how Gala Games likes to push boundaries and push limits.

These shoes aren’t just collectibles. They’re playable in-game assets that will have cross-functionality across multiple metaverses. You’ve got that exactly right. They’ll be usable in Town Star for play-to-earn incentives, but the Genesis Curry Flow NFTs will also have functions in Decentraland and The Sandbox.

From the celebration of a major record and an outstanding player to the fact that net income goes to youth sports charities, to the connected daily Town Star bonuses that tie into Stephen Curry’s career’s major milestones, there are several reasons for owners to be cheerful about these NFTs.

Genesis Curry Flow NFT



NFT Details & Availability

The Genesis Curry Flow is a one-of-a-kind product created by Berlin Cameron, together with Under Armour, then brought to life by NewKino and the Luna NFT marketplace.

The number of NFTs that will be sold is expected to be only 2974, one for each of the three-point shots that made this incredible accomplishment possible. Each NFT will cost $333.

NFT’s For Charity

The total amount of the donation will be determined by this project’s success. 100% of the net revenue for this project will be donated to charity organizations that provide greater access to sports for underprivileged youngsters. We offer both indoor and outdoor pick-up games, as well as instructional clinics. We also provide transportation to players who live too far away to walk or travel by themselves. All of these things and more may either empower or stifle young athletes, and you know how Gala Games feels about empowering kids.

Get the Shoes

To purchase part of this special NFT sales, go to while supplies last and register an account before making your purchase. These NFTs were originally produced as Polygon 1155 tokens.

Polygon is a blockchain that operates alongside Ethereum. Adding Polygon to an existing Metamask wallet is simple, and it will be available for use with your Gala Games NFTs.

To connect your Polygon NFT to Ethereum in order to utilize it on Gala Games’ Town Star platform and begin playing-to-earn, you’ll need to follow a few more procedures. We’ll send you these explicit instructions before they may be put in Town Star on December 28th. For the moment, get your record-breaking Genesis Curry Flow NFTs while you can at!

Earn Bonus Coin with Town Star Extras

-Into the galaverse -attendees got a unique Common Half Court NFT as a drop, which some of you have already observed, and now you know why! You don’t need the Genesis Curry Flows or Half Court to earn, but combining them in Town Star gives you a special bonus to your daily potential earnings!

On December 28th, a number of rarities of Half Courts will be made available in the Gala Games store in limited quantities, starting with Uncommon and progressing to Legendary. The rarer the court, the greater the potential for play-to-earn incentives.

Create a Full Court by collecting two Half Courts, then insert a Genesis Curry Flow NFT of the same rarity for the ultimate combination and the most possible play-to-earn benefits in Town Star.

NFTs are no longer just sitting there. Now they’re active, and it’s only the beginning of the game.

10 Tips for How to Make More Town Coin Playing Town Star

In order to make more money playing Town Star, there are a few things that you can do.

1) Complete the daily reward challenges – These challenges are easy to complete and you can earn rewards such as Town Coin, Experience Points (XP), and Gala Power.

2) Collect your rewards – You can collect rewards from completing challenges by clicking on the “Collect” button.

3) Use your Town Coin to buy other NFTs – Town Coin can be used to purchase items in the game, such as buildings, skins, and automation. You can also use it to give you an edge in the weekly server competition.

4) Join a guild – Joining a guild can give you a lot of advantages in the game, such as extra rewards, discounts on items in the shop, and help from other players. Guilds and Clans can help improve your chances of winning by giving you extra rewards, discounts on items in the shop, and help from other players. Joining a Guild is a great way to get started in Town Star. You can find a Guild by joining the discord chat. There are many different types of Guilds to choose from, so be sure to find one that fits you best. You can also create your own Guild if you don’t find one that suits your needs.

5) Gain experience and multipliers from Gala Levels – By getting experience and playing you’ll get multipliers, these help when collecting Daily Rewards Bonuses as holding more NFTs and playing them will increase your Bonus Town Power.

6) Gather NFTS – A Must Have if you want to Earn Town Coin! Good to play if you are trying to get additional Town Coin.

7) Play during prime hours – If you play around 9-11 pm EST that’s when the most players are on, but play whenever is best for your schedule. The fastest growing play 2 earn gaming ecosystem that is owned by the players. These steps will have you up and running in no time earning real life cash for playing Town Star.

8) Share play 2 earn with friends – Inviting people to play play 2 earn helps them get started plus it helps me out too, I get extra Town Coins which can help me make more money playing Town Star!

9) Log in daily – This is a common rule for almost any game where you want to keep getting rewards

10) HODL GALA & Town Coin – You’ll get additional power levels for how much Gala and Town Coin you’re holding in your Gala Account.

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