Creating a BOOMING Economy in Town Star

Beginners Guide Creating Economy

There are many key distinctions between Town Star and the real world, but one underlying principle that applies to both is that money makes the world go round. Money is required for every step of the way in becoming a successful town builder, even though Stars (points) are what win the competitions. Follow this advice to start earning money the right away, as well as create a booming economy in your Town Star plot.

Having massive amounts of money is necessary for nearly every step of town building in this game, as well as having a nice stockpile throughout the entire process. In order to make lots of money fast, there are many steps that must be taken simultaneously, or at least within close proximity of each other. Using all these concurrently will greatly expedite the speed at which you gain wealth and hopefully allow you to begin building a beautiful town sooner.

Starting out in Town Star – Let the Fun Begin!

Everyone is on an equal footing when they begin a Town Star game. Regardless of where you choose to create your town, you’ll have the same basic structure in place, but the arrangement of your initial constructions and units will differ somewhat based on the geographical location you’ve picked. There are advantages to selecting the biome aka terrain for what type of Town Build you’re going for.

Regardless of the Town Build type, your first milestone objective will always be to produce gasoline before you run out of it. Check out the How to Make Gasoline in Town Star Guide for more information on how to do this!

Each town begins with the following buildings and layout:

townstar starting out
Starting Buildings in Town Star
  1. Fuel Storage (filled with gasoline)
  2. $25,000 cash
  3. Trade Depot / Trade Dock (depending on biome)
  4. 2 Wheat Fields
  5. Farmhouse (including a Farmer)
  6. Silo
  7. Well
  8. Wood Shed (with 9 Wood)
  9. Some Dirt Roads
  10. Builder House

Starting Wages – You’ll come into the game with (3) paid employees in your town. As each minute passes, this cost will subtract from your cash supply

  1. Farmer – $10/minute
  2. Builder – $20/minute
  3. Trade Depot – $20/minute


Keep in mind that wages will be collected for any structures that require wages, whether or not they have employees active. Please see the “What are Wages and How to Work with Them” guide for further information on employee pay!

Starting to make Money in Town Star

You must use your Trade Depot to deliver 10-item shipments of goods to a nearby city in order to make money. Hopefully, you chose a location near a city when building your settlement. If not, maybe it’s time to start over while it’s still early. Your first choice will be to transport only one thing: wheat. Each shipment of wheat will only earn you $3000 and a few points, so you’ll need to switch to a more valuable production item as soon as feasible, before running out of fuel.

Considerations to Start with when Playing Town Star
There are a few options for upgrading your town the first time. These choices will often shape your long-term strategy for your city, therefore it’s important to have a long-term strategy in place. The following are some of the most essential things to consider before selecting a money-making method.

  1. Value of the Biome or Terrain: Make the most of the area you’ve chosen. If that land is a forest, your first priority should be to focus on the natural resources that are already abundant there: Trees. If you’ve chosen plains – then you’re natural direction should be aiming towards ranching. See our Biome Value Guide for more information. Whether you’ve chosen a river or ocean location also has a bearing on your long-term strategy. If you’re near a body of water, there are three main things to consider: persistent watering, remoteness, and fresh water or salt water. Think about your Crop Operation in Town Star.
  2. End Game Production Goals: Try to imagine where you’ll be at the conclusion of the weekly competition, when you’ll have a chance to compete for one of the top rankings spots on the board. What will you be making? Uniforms, Wine, Blue Steel, Cakes? How can you set up a foundation now that will help you implement this kind of mass production in the future? If you want to make cakes, for example, you’ll almost certainly need a firm system that produces and distributes flour, and eggs one of the most important ingredients.
  3. Proximity to a Major City: If you’re in a location that isn’t near a city, you’ll have to carefully consider either higher gas costs or longer travel times for your trade deliveries. Perhaps your goal is to eventually utilize a Freight Pier to transport 100 products at once rather than 10. If this is the case, you’ll want to build an infrastructure that puts even more emphasis on storage of the goods you’re planning on selling as well as gasoline storage.

The First Money Maker Choice – Windmills or Ranching?

ranching or milling in town star
The Ranching or the Milling Route in Town Star

There are two primary approaches to increase the value-per-trade of your commodities early in the game. Once you’ve determined a basic approach based on the aforementioned factors, it’s time to choose one. In the end, you’ll need both, but an emphasis must be established first.

  • Ranching (Livestock raising)
  • Windmilling (Milled production)

The Ranching Route
Ranching means you’ll be raising livestock. This entails a few more components than Windmill farming, but the end benefits frequently make it worth your time. Ranching allows you to raise chickens, sheep, or cattle as 3 separate structures/animals.

Chickens are the most cost-effective initial pet. They require the least amount of water and food, and their construction costs are $30,000. After everything is in place, your Chicken Coop will regularly and simply produce eggs, which may be sold for five times as much as Wheat alone. Let’s take a look at what you need for regular egg production, besides happy chickens! I typically build in this order as well.

egg production in Town Star
How to Produce Eggs while Ranching in Town Star

Required Items for Egg Production

  1. Storehouse: A Storehouse is one of the most common blunders that inexperienced producers make when starting to create manufactured goods. Even though they cost $20,000, a Storehouse is required before Eggs may be stored. All produced Eggs will be lost on the road if there is no Storehouse. Build this first.
  2. Feed: To produce one unit of eggs, the hens need a total of 3 feed to lay an egg. The Chickens will eat on their own if your land is full with pastures, and the pastures will gradually replenish. If not, you’ll need a feed mill and feed troughs to minimize travel time for the chickens.
  3. Water: The minimal quantity of water required by a chicken is one. If you put your chicken coop near a body of water, you can passively provide it with water, saving the Rancher a lot of effort and time.
  4. Rancher: $10/minute – All the labor wages related with your Chickens and eggs will be completed by a single Rancher. This includes transporting wood and water to the Coop, milling wheat at the Feed Mill, transporting feed from the Feed Mill to the Trough, and delivering your eggs to the Storehouse.
  5. Wood: A chicken coop requires 1 unit of wood for each egg produced. To supply timber to your Chicken Coop, you’ll need a Lumberjack working full-time. When the demand for wood rises, Lumberjacks will transport it straight to the Chicken Coop. The Lumberjack will continue working as long as there are trees in your city, therefore keep an eye on egg production versus wood harvesting, as well as the total amount of trees in your town.
Ranching Chicken Coop in Town Star

The Windmill Technique

flour production in town star
How to make Flour in Town Star

It is easier to set up windmills than ranches. Flour can be produced more quickly and inexpensively with a Windmill than with eggs. However, constructing and optimizing Windmills for maximum output necessitates careful planning. Almost any farm in the game where you can produce Flour is the ideal place to start. Because Wheat Fields are the simplest and quickest to harvest with your initial resources, flour production is usually the best option. Flour takes longer to make than eggs, but it pays out more than 7 times as much money when sold. I typically build in this order as well for the windmill technique.

windmill in town star

Required Items for Flour Production

    1. Storehouse: A Storehouse is necessary, like with all handcrafted items, to store your flour. Many new players believe that their flour may be kept in the Silo. It’s not possible.
    2. Wheat: 5 wheat are needed for each bag of flour to be milled. All harvested wheat should ideally be given to the Windmill to be converted into flour after the first Windmill has been built. The Farmer will not carry wheat to the Mill, so be prepared for the Miller’s longer commute between Silo and Windmill. When many Windmills are nearby, NFT Wheat Stands are really beneficial since they supply inactive wheat to adjacent structures (your Windmills).
    3. Wood: The Lumberjack, like the Chicken Coop, requires three units of wood for each bag of flour. The Lumberjack will transport wood straight to a windmill before delivering surplus to the Wood Shed, much as he does with the Chicken Coop.
    4. Space Planning: Windmills are slowed down by wind block, so when they’re placed near other structures, the milling process takes longer. If the countdown is green with a needle on the right and shows “Perfect” after a while, everything is in ideal condition for fast production.If the countdown is shown in red with the needle on the left, that Windmill is located in the most unfavorable circumstances. Check out the “What are Proximity Effects” guide for additional information about wind block!


This guide should help you get started on the Town Star road to riches! Keep in mind that Town Star is all about organization, efficiency, and perseverance. If you think you’ve made a big blunder early on, sometimes the best thing to do is restart after analyzing your mistakes. Have fun!

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